Why you should send your children to day care

If both the parents are working, it’s essential that children should be looked after. Also single parent families also need to have their children taken care of when they are at work. The options are to either hire a nanny or simply send the child to a Burwood child care center.

A childcare is usually the most feasible option. There are many benefits of sending a child to day care. These would include academic, social and physical benefits. Babies as young as six months of age can benefit greatly from the time they spend at day care.

The following are a few reason why parents need to consider sending their child to Burwood Childcare center:

Day care offers a routine which the child can adhere o

Research has proved that children respond well to routine. While children aren’t able to tell the time, but when they are going through different activities which help them establish a certain routine. Also all the task which the children are given are essential for their intellectual development. Plus children learn so many things from those activities. Even a simple story telling session can have a major impact on their behavior. The structured timing of having lunch and snacks plus an hour of nap time is enough to put the children in a good mood throughout the day.

Academic development

Children who spend their time ta a high quality day care often had better cognitive developments compared to children who stayed at home through the initial years. In fact as they grow older such children tend to be academically advanced as well. High quality child care is one hen the children tend to have an extensive interaction with their care givers and their peers.

Social Development

At any age social interaction is essential for a child. At a day care children are in touch with other children their age. Tis encourages them to form lasting friendships. Plus it also helps them become socially intelligent. Research has proved that socially intelligent children tend to fare better in all aspects of development. Children learn things like helping their peers and playing in groups. All these skills are essential for their development as a whole.

Helps make the transition to kindergarten easier

Children who attend day care are happier at kindergarten because they can make the transition easily. Unlike a child who has been home schooled the sudden shift might be upsetting. However a child who has always attended day care may find that going to kindergarten is the same as going to day care. All that is varied now is their schedule.

Makes things easier for parents as well

Children do benefit from day care but so do their parents. Parents can be assured that their children are at a safe place while they are at work. Plus the children get to learn so much academically it relieves the pressure off the parents when it comes to preparing the child for kindergarten.

Being 3 is a child care centre in Burwood that can help you develop and take care of your little ones.

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