Things to help transition your child to day care

As a parent you might have considered sending your child to a day care facility in Cranbourne. The thought often fills most parents with dread. How their child is going to react when going to a day care. Would there be a great deal of tears and tantrums. You can never be too sure with younger children and it’s natural for them to suffer separation anxiety the first few days they attend a day care.

However, there are certain things which you could do to make their transition to a child care much easier. According to experts each child makes a transition at their own pace. While some children may adapt to their surroundings without a fuss there are certain children who may not find the process that easy. The fact is that parents are often more anxious then their child and the children start picking up on that anxiety too. It necessary to keep a friendly and happy front if you want your child to be less anxious.

Just make sure to keep the following things in mind.

Make sure to talk about child care from time to time

If your baby is under six months of age they might not feel that much of a separation anxiety when compared to an older child. Children can pick up on emotions pretty quickly and if you believe that the child care centre in Cranbourne is a positive and happy place your child will pick up on those vibes as well. Make it sound exciting to them. Moe like a fun place to visit where they can play and have a good time. This will help make the child more receptive.

Visit the day care facility with your child a few times

This can be really helpful because when you go with your child to the day care and let them wander a bit and familiarie themselves with the surroundings. Make sure you visit the facility regularly for a few days and sit there for an hour or two.

Don’t just disappear

If you believe that you can simply disappear without saying goodbye to your child you have got to think again. This can actually help build up the anxiety. One moment you are there and the other you can’t be found. However, if you choose to say goodbye your child is mentally prepared for your departure and will be more at ease.

Provide the necessary contact information

Provide the correct information when and where you can be reached at all particular times. Younger children can get fussy and often it might be necessary to call the parent. Though child care attendants can easily sooth a fussy child you might still need to show up if your baby is sick or running a temperature.

Send the right gear with your child

Your child’s cubbies should be filled with all the essentials they would require for their stay at the child care facility. Make sure everything is neatly labelled so as to avoid confusion.

Keeping all the above things in mind would definitely help your child transition easily to child care.


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