How Does Early Learning Literacy Help Kids in Kindergarten in Narre Warren?

Early literacy means the foundational behaviors and skills children develop and run before they start reading and writing independently. Early literacy involves a variety of abilities and experiences which lay the foundation for your child’s later academic success and literacy acquisition.

When your child joins kindergarten they engage in formal education and literacy skills are very critical in helping your child write, read, comprehend information and communicate. This article will help you understand why early literacy development is essential for your child in kindergarten in Narre Warren. Click here to join Narre Warren kindergarten community and explore our benefits.

Ways in which Early Literacy Development in Kindergarten Helps Kids in Narre Warren 

The following also of the ways in which early literacy development in kindergarten an impact your child in  narre warren;

  • It builds a strong Foundation

Kindergarten is usually a very crucial time since it builds a strong Foundation for the kids’ academic success. Therefore the experience that your child has in kindergarten will define the academic journey. For these reasons when you focus on early literacy development the educators in the kindergarten will lay the best foundation for your child ensuring that you child becomes proficient in reading and writing which are very important literacy skills for every step of your child’s education.

  • It helps kids develop phonemic awareness

Phonetic awareness is the ability to identify and manipulate certain sounds in spoken language. This is a very important skill that kids require to learn reading and writing. Kids in the kidagatin develop phonetic awareness through activities like rhymein games and sound blending. When kids adapt phonetic awareness skills they become better in the coding words, develop reading in writing fluency and recognize spelling patterns.

  • Fosters vocabulary development

Kindergarten also provides your child with the best platform to expand their vocabulary and language schools since they are exposed to a diverse range of words and concepts. Through interactive activities, discussions and reading alouds the educator’s introduce children to new vocabulary words and help them to use these words to express themselves. Educators in kindergarten also hope kids to understand the meanings of new words making it easier for the children to comprehend even some complex text and communicate effectively while speaking and writing.

  • Promotes reading skills

Early literacy also helps your child in kindergarten develop reading skills. When your child is in a kindergartens setting they are given reading instructions and learn how to recognize letters and make meaning from text. They are also encouraged to read different texts like story books and poems which make them love reading and promote their reading skills.

  • Encourages kids to explore writing

Kids in kindergarten learn how to write texts that are both purposeful and meaningful. This is done through writing activities like drawing journaling letter formation exercises and storytelling. All these activities will help your child develop necessary writing skills as well as get the platform to express their ideas, experiences and their thoughts.

  • Foster love for reading

The kindergarten ensures that your child has enjoyable and engaging reading experiences like independent reading time storytelling and reading aloud. This makes children have an interest in reading and makes them have a positive attitude towards Reading. Also educators in kindergarten encourage kids to explore different children’s books making them motivated readers.


Early literacy developments in kindergarten are very crucial in determining your child’s academic success. For this reason, be engaged in your child’s education so that you can see to it that they acquire early literacy development in narre warren.

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