The study of plants and nature is called horticulture and it is an important area of study as it makes us aware of the natural beauty around us. With a degree in horticulture, people can study the science of cultivation and nurturing of plants and flowers and take a closer look at the natural beauty that surrounds us. You can learn how to grow your own organic produce and make the environment all around more green and beautiful with some beautiful flowers and shrubs. If you are interested in agricultural and all its social elements, horticulture education is the best option for you to understand the farming process and the environmental consequences.

What to know about the courses in horticulture

To pursue a horticulture education in Australia, you can start with an undergraduate degree in agricultural studies. Such courses are offered by most top colleges and institutes in Australia and would also entail a few scientific elements in the curriculum like botany, plant biology, soil science and plant disease diagnostics. Most colleges in Australia also offer a business course element like marketing, economics and management of horticulture. Most of the classes will have both a practical and theoretical component and would also entail field studies and laboratory findings.

Specialization of courses

Most people may opt to go beyond just a basic degree in horticulture and may go for specialized courses. These advanced courses in horticulture have been certified and accredited by the institutes in Australia but it is always good to check on the institute’s website beforehand before opting for the course. The undergraduate degree generally takes three to four years in Australia and a certificate course will take upto two years. The higher specialization courses can take upto one to two years, depending on whether it is a masters’ or a doctorate. These include specializations such as entomology, agroecology and landscape design.

What is required for a horticulture course in Australia

Different institutes will have different criteria for horticulture courses in Australia. Some institutes may conduct an entrance exam while others may accept you on the basis of the national or school exams. Generally in most Australian institutes, you are selected on the basis of your results in Australia Grade 12 and you also have to score a 7 in your IELTS if you are a migrant. It is better to go online on the institute’s website and check out the criteria given there before applying.  There are many career options for you after a course in horticulture in Australia that includes operating an orchard or landscaping garden, getting employed as a consultant in companies to talk about fertilizers, seeds and sprays, becoming an inspector to make sure all vegetables and fruits pass government standards as well as taking on landscaping projects for commercial purposes.