Four Benefits of Using Fabriano Watercolour Papers

For the lovers of artwork, care must be taken when selecting a suitable kind of watercolour paper to work with. Remember that the watercolour paper you choose will determine the quality of your artwork.

Fabriano paper is known to be among the best papers that you will encounter in the market. It has quickly gained popularity in many parts of the world because many people trust the quality of work it gives.

Fabriano paper is usually made from a mould and consists of 100% cotton. It is chlorine and acid-free which ensures that it has a long-lasting look. The following are some of the benefits of working with Fabriano watercolour paper.

What makes Fabriano paper outstanding from other watercolour papers?

  • Excellent quality

One of the most important benefits of Fabriano paper that never escapes from people’s minds is the quality it offers. The quality of your paint on the Fabriano paper is appealing and has a long-lasting look. In addition, it is easier to work with Fabriano paper than other papers because of its quality.

  • Magnificent content

Another benefit of Fabriano paper is its magnificent content. Do recall that most watercolour papers are made of cellulose fibres and water, which is not good for artwork. However, Fabriano paper is made of 100% cotton. Cotton plays a big role in ensuring that the paper remains resilient and pliable at the same time. By using Fabriano paper, you will save yourself from the expense of doing tapping, scraping, scrubbing, and masking techniques that are done on other types of papers that are made of wood.

  • Durability

There are three methods of making watercolour papers: handmade, machine-made, or mould-made. Of these, the mould papers are the most durable and expensive. The machine-made papers are the weakest of all because of their instability. Well, we all know that Fabriano papers are mould-made and that means that they are highly durable and stable. The lasting-lasting look together with an irregular texture that makes it fun to paint on them is what makes a Fabriano paper favourable to most people.

  • Simple to use

For Fabriano watercolour paper, you do not need to use much of your effort while painting on them, its rough-like texture allows you to easily paint on them to the shape and curves that you need. For other papers, a slight mistake may require you to employ other techniques such as taping to eliminate the mistake.

Limitations of using Fabriano papers

The following are some of the limitations that you will encounter by using Fabriano papers:

Expensive – Fabriano papers are the most expensive watercolour papers because they offer quality and durable work. Thus, if you buy them, you have to make efficient use of them and avoid wasting paper. Only use Fabriano papers on crucial artworks that can earn your money at the end.

Takes time to make – Fabriano paper is a mould-made paper, meaning that it takes a lot of time in manufacturing these papers. Hence, if the stores run out of them, then you will have to wait for quite a while before you can get a new one. This can slow you down and reduce your chances of meeting your timelines.

When looking for a suitable watercolour paper, be sure to check on the one that guarantees quality and durability, the best example being Fabriano watercolour paper. Explore the different types of Fabriano paper and how they can affect the art that you make.

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