How Does Early Learning Literacy Help Kids in Kindergarten in Narre Warren?

Early literacy means the foundational behaviors and skills children develop and run before they start reading and writing independently. Early literacy involves a variety of abilities and experiences which lay the foundation for your child’s later academic success and literacy acquisition.

When your child joins kindergarten they engage in formal education and literacy skills are very critical in helping your child write, read, comprehend information and communicate. This article will help you understand why early literacy development is essential for your child in kindergarten in Narre Warren. Click here to join Narre Warren kindergarten community and explore our benefits.

Ways in which Early Literacy Development in Kindergarten Helps Kids in Narre Warren 

The following also of the ways in which early literacy development in kindergarten an impact your child in  narre warren;

  • It builds a strong Foundation

Kindergarten is usually a very crucial time since it builds a strong Foundation for the kids’ academic success. Therefore the experience that your child has in kindergarten will define the academic journey. For these reasons when you focus on early literacy development the educators in the kindergarten will lay the best foundation for your child ensuring that you child becomes proficient in reading and writing which are very important literacy skills for every step of your child’s education.

  • It helps kids develop phonemic awareness

Phonetic awareness is the ability to identify and manipulate certain sounds in spoken language. This is a very important skill that kids require to learn reading and writing. Kids in the kidagatin develop phonetic awareness through activities like rhymein games and sound blending. When kids adapt phonetic awareness skills they become better in the coding words, develop reading in writing fluency and recognize spelling patterns.

  • Fosters vocabulary development

Kindergarten also provides your child with the best platform to expand their vocabulary and language schools since they are exposed to a diverse range of words and concepts. Through interactive activities, discussions and reading alouds the educator’s introduce children to new vocabulary words and help them to use these words to express themselves. Educators in kindergarten also hope kids to understand the meanings of new words making it easier for the children to comprehend even some complex text and communicate effectively while speaking and writing.

  • Promotes reading skills

Early literacy also helps your child in kindergarten develop reading skills. When your child is in a kindergartens setting they are given reading instructions and learn how to recognize letters and make meaning from text. They are also encouraged to read different texts like story books and poems which make them love reading and promote their reading skills.

  • Encourages kids to explore writing

Kids in kindergarten learn how to write texts that are both purposeful and meaningful. This is done through writing activities like drawing journaling letter formation exercises and storytelling. All these activities will help your child develop necessary writing skills as well as get the platform to express their ideas, experiences and their thoughts.

  • Foster love for reading

The kindergarten ensures that your child has enjoyable and engaging reading experiences like independent reading time storytelling and reading aloud. This makes children have an interest in reading and makes them have a positive attitude towards Reading. Also educators in kindergarten encourage kids to explore different children’s books making them motivated readers.


Early literacy developments in kindergarten are very crucial in determining your child’s academic success. For this reason, be engaged in your child’s education so that you can see to it that they acquire early literacy development in narre warren.

The Benefits of Taking Kids To The Best Childcare Facility in Wooloowin

Every moment and event kids experience when they are young provides them with a great foundation for their future. They learn so much and acquire important skills when they are young, which is why this is most important for you to ensure they have the best moments when they are young. These are the same reasons parents enrol their kids in childcare facilities in Wooloowin. These facilities are always a viable option for working parents who need somebody to care for their kids when busy. However, even kids usually benefit from spending time with other kids in the childcare facility. To find out how kids can benefit from going to the best childcare facility, read the following section;

If you have been keeping your kid at home alone, it is time to take them to a childcare facility in Wooloowin since this comes with many benefits. The following are some of the benefits your child is going to leap from going to a childcare facility;

  • They take part in regular routines and schedules

Kids must understand the time and its concepts, but learning schedules and routines can be easy. When kids attend a childcare facility, they participate in different fun and learning activities such as playing, singing, drawing and storytelling. These regular routines and schedules help kids grow and develop intellectually, especially when they are toddlers. Also, the structured time for eating, napping and playing helps shape the kids’ behaviour, which also benefits the parents.

  • Enhances academic advancement

Kids who attend the best childcare facilities in Wooloowin when they are young usually have great cognitive performance when they grow old. For this reason, sending your child to the best childcare centre will contribute to your kids’ academic success.

  • It increases the confidence of  young kids

Since most kids spend their young at home with their parents and siblings, interacting with others can be challenging. Fortunately, when you send your child to a childcare centre, you will allow them to interact with otters since they will be in a social setting with kids their age. When kids get comfortable talking with other kids, they learn how to communicate effectively, enhancing their confidence and self-esteem.

  • Kids learn how to communicate effectively

Childcare facilities provide an environment where kids of all stages and ages can interact. This is the best environment for kids, especially when learning to communicate and interact with each other. Though other kids are chatty, some will have challenges communicating verbally, especially before they start going to childcare facilities. Despite the communication patterns of your kid, taking them to a childcare facility helps them learn how to communicate effectively.

  • Kids get time for fun and socialisation

Another benefit of taking kids to childcare centres in Wooloowin is that they get ample time to socialise and have fun. Unlike when kids stay at home with their parents and caregivers, kids in childcare centres usually get enough time to socialise and build friendships with other kids. 

  • Makes kids independence

Taking kids to great childcare centres in Wooloowin also helps kids become independent when they are young. At home, kids have to depend on their parents for everything they need to do. When they go to a childcare centre, they have no one to help them with everything, which helps them become independent.

Choose the Best Childcare Facility in Wooloowin

Now that you understand why kids need to go to a childcare facility in Wooloowin, get a good one for your kid. With so many facilities around, choosing a good one may be challenging for you, but when you take adequate time in your research, you can select the best facility. We suggest that you personally visit Evolving Minds Early Learning Centre and assess if it could be a good fit for your child.

Parental Guide For Preparing Kids For Early Learning

When you are a parent, you know that not all parents want to take their school for early learning. Of course, everyone has their decisions to make, but you should do what is best for your kids when you are a parent. There are many reasons why your kid should go for early learning, and even if you didn’t, you would be molding your kid’s life by taking them to preschool.

In what ways is early learning important for kids?

If you are researching whether you should take your kid for early learning or not, be sure that you will get information that will either motivate you to do so or demotivate you. Not everyone likes taking their kids to preschool but be assured that early learning is essential for your kid.  The following are some of the basic ways in which early learning would be helpful to your kid.

  • It equips kids with important skills

Because of early learning, kids learn how to take and follow instructions when they are young. They also get to learn how to ask questions and even answer them when their teachers ask them.  Also, some communication skills like speaking, listening, and taking turns are learned from an early stage which is very important for any kid.

  • It develops kids emotionally and socially

When you live with your kid for a long time, you get to learn how they behave when they want or do not want something. However, this makes their social and emotional life very hard.  However, when you take your kid for early learning, they learn how to express their emotions and even socialise with others. This helps in their emotional and social development.

  • It helps them to be responsible and independent

A parent who does not take their kid to preschool denies their kids the ability to develop self-independence and responsibility. This is because they are always there to provide them with everything that they need. However, kids going for early learning have to do and learn things independently, which makes them responsible and independent.

How parents prepare kids for early learning

 As a parent, you must make sure that you prepare your kid for early learning. This is a parental guide that will help you do this without a lot of struggle. 

  • Routines and schedules

You need to set some routines and schedules that the kid should do every day. This is because this is the kind of life they will get into once you enroll them for early learning. Prepare them for routines and schedules like waking up, family prayers, meals, bedtime, washing hands, and going to the bathroom.

  • Daily chores 

Your kids will be given some chores when they are enrolled for early learning. They should be in a position to do everything they are assigned to do. This becomes easier for them when you prepare them when they are still young.

  • Pretend to be in school

You can play a game where you pretend to be in school. In this case, you will make your kid know what to expect when they are in preschool. That way, early learning will be a walk in the park for them.

  • Visit the preschool

You need to go for a trip to the institution you will be enrolling your kid for early learning. This ensures that they see other kids already enrolled, which makes them feel that whatever you are doing is important for them. Find a leading childcare centre in Brunswick, one that is vetted by people you personally know.

How to ensure that you find the right child care for your little one

If you are thinking about putting your baby in day-care there are certain things which you should consider. There are several benefits of sending your child to day-care but however there are downsides as well. In order to ensure that you have made the right decision when it comes to caring for your toddler there are certain things which you should definitely look for in a child care facility.

Sending your baby to day-care is a major decision and something which not every parent is prepared to do. However if you are planning to go back to the nine to five life you should understand that almost 70% of parents face the same dilemma.

This means that when you are looking for a child care in Mountain Creek you have lots of good options. Your baby would get exceptional care under the licensed entrant caregiver.

With so many child care options it is often thought that the day care for a home day-care is the best option for the parents.

Tips from the experts at Child Care mountain creek

  • One of the most essential things that all parents should do is to research. You can get recommendations from your friends or family and your paediatrician can also help you too. If none of your friends have children you can easily find out about a day-care when you visit the paediatrician and have to wait for them in the waiting room. Other options include online resources which can be provided by child care referral services.
  • Once you have a few names on your list it is important that you screen centres which are home day care providers. Get to know what the hours are and whether those are convenient for you are not. For any child care which doesn’t come private your working hours it is best to scratch it off the list despite the rave reviews which you have gotten about it.
  • With the narrowed wn choices it would become easier to visit each of the child care centre in person. Go with your gut feeling if something doesn’t seem right to you it probably isn’t right for your little one either.
  • It is crucial that you check up on the references which have been provided to you. If possible call those who send the child to the day care and get to know whether the kids are happy with their experience. You may be tempted by the letters of recommendations which the take care my supply you with but it is often best to ask people in person to get first hand information.
  • Last but not the least get to know about the accreditation. You should only go for child Care Centres which are associated with the education of young children and should have high standard of childcare.

Learn more about child care centres from

Why you should send your children to day care

If both the parents are working, it’s essential that children should be looked after. Also single parent families also need to have their children taken care of when they are at work. The options are to either hire a nanny or simply send the child to a Burwood child care center.

A childcare is usually the most feasible option. There are many benefits of sending a child to day care. These would include academic, social and physical benefits. Babies as young as six months of age can benefit greatly from the time they spend at day care.

The following are a few reason why parents need to consider sending their child to Burwood Childcare center:

Day care offers a routine which the child can adhere o

Research has proved that children respond well to routine. While children aren’t able to tell the time, but when they are going through different activities which help them establish a certain routine. Also all the task which the children are given are essential for their intellectual development. Plus children learn so many things from those activities. Even a simple story telling session can have a major impact on their behavior. The structured timing of having lunch and snacks plus an hour of nap time is enough to put the children in a good mood throughout the day.

Academic development

Children who spend their time ta a high quality day care often had better cognitive developments compared to children who stayed at home through the initial years. In fact as they grow older such children tend to be academically advanced as well. High quality child care is one hen the children tend to have an extensive interaction with their care givers and their peers.

Social Development

At any age social interaction is essential for a child. At a day care children are in touch with other children their age. Tis encourages them to form lasting friendships. Plus it also helps them become socially intelligent. Research has proved that socially intelligent children tend to fare better in all aspects of development. Children learn things like helping their peers and playing in groups. All these skills are essential for their development as a whole.

Helps make the transition to kindergarten easier

Children who attend day care are happier at kindergarten because they can make the transition easily. Unlike a child who has been home schooled the sudden shift might be upsetting. However a child who has always attended day care may find that going to kindergarten is the same as going to day care. All that is varied now is their schedule.

Makes things easier for parents as well

Children do benefit from day care but so do their parents. Parents can be assured that their children are at a safe place while they are at work. Plus the children get to learn so much academically it relieves the pressure off the parents when it comes to preparing the child for kindergarten.

Being 3 is a child care centre in Burwood that can help you develop and take care of your little ones.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Daycare

At times parenting is not an easy task, especially when you are working, and you do not have a caregiver to take care of your daughter or son when you are not at home. However, you can take your child to the daycare of your choice so that you can have time to work and earn a living for your child. Selecting a daycare in Nerang is also not an easy task, and parents have to struggle when they are choosing the best daycares for their children.  The good thing with the daycares in Nerang is that they even take care of a child as young as a month old. For you to decide on the daycare that you will take your child in Nerang, you must ensure that you researched the various daycares. The following are some of the factors that you should consider when you are looking for a daycare in Nerang.


The location of the daycare.

When you are looking for a daycare in Nerang, ensure that you have a clear view of the location of that daycare centre. Since there are so many daycares all located in different places ensure that you have selected a daycare centre that is either near your home or your place of work. This will help you when it comes to dropping your child in the morning and picking them in the evening. Avoid choosing the daycare centres that are located in places that you cannot access with ease.

Program and curriculum

Depending on the age of your child, you should ensure that you have a clear understanding of the curriculum and schedule of the daycare centre that you choose. As you do your research, ensure that you are in a position to know the kind of lessons that are taught to the children that have attained an age of learning.


Cost of services

Another factor that you should consider is the cost at which you are charged for taking your child to the daycare centres. The different daycares in Nerang charge the parents differently depending on the facilities and also the age of children they are taking care of in daycares. However, you should consider when you earn every month before you decide the amount of money you can afford to pay to a daycare centre. Always avoid taking your child to daycare in Nerang that you will have to struggle to afford.



When you talk to your friends or workmates about your intentions to take your child to daycare in Nerang, they will recommend you the best daycares for your child. Apart from asking your friends or even relatives about the daycares in Nerang, you can also carry out some online research and find out the reviews of different daycares in Nerang. Always go for the daycares that have positive reviews as well as the daycares that people will recommend you to take your child. Kinder Cottage offers day care in Nerang, and they are highly recommended by the community.


The environment of the daycare

When you are choosing day care to take your child, you must ensure that you have checked the environment of the centre. It should be safe for your child’s health. The environment should also be attractive and well equipped with the facilities that the children require for playing. The environment should have a fence and a gate to prevent the child from going out of the school without their parents or caretaker.




Burpengary has some of the best child care providers in the whole world. The government has even put measures to ensure children learn early and safety standards for children put in place. It is important for you to know and understand about the best child care options available for you and your child.

Added benefits come with using government-approved childcare services. Childcare providers in such facilities are required to meet a strict quality standard. They are also eligible for the benefit of a childcare facility. Most families in Burpengary use services that providers offer.

  1. A Safe Environment Means Your Child is Healthy And Safe

Your child’s health should always be a priority. Playing with sand, toys and mud is an essential part of learning for children. Nevertheless, a clean and safe environment is important. Careful attention is focused on the quality and type of toys given to children to play with.

  1. Learning for Children is through Playing

Children love playing. They learn a lot of things and have fun through plays. They explore, identify, take risks and even learn how to solve problems when they play. Play-based learning is supervised under the watch of trained educators and teachers.

The teachers help children develop better behaviour control, and social and emotional skills so they’re able to deal with children better.

  1. Children Function Best in Nurturing Relationships

The relationship shared between your child and teachers is important. You need to make sure that those taking care of your child while you are away are not only skilled or have the right qualifications, but also have lots of love for children.

It is important to visit the childcare centre you are considering and watch closely how staff behave and associate with other children.

  1. Familiar Places and People Give Children Sense of Security

Everyday routine makes children feel secure. Qualified childcare centres give information on what programs they have and what daily activities your child will get involved in.

You should also find out if the centres provide meals and nappies for children brought there. Some centres do not offer such. You also need to find out if they accommodate nursing mothers still breastfeeding their babies.

There are two types of childcare options available – long day care and family day care. Long day care is mostly operated in childcare centres. Professional care is provided to children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Most of them start operating as early as 6 am and close as late as 6 pm.

They often offer meals and nappies to children. An early learning program is also usually available in most centres. Find a childcare facility suitable for you and your child. Make sure it meets your needs and those of your little one.

Family day care is flexible. Provides home-based care to children. Most family day care services in Burpengary are approved. Some however do not offer kindergarten or pre-school. Separate arrangements are always made when parents want their children to go to kindergarten.