What To Expect From Agriculture And Horticulture Career In Australia?

Agriculture Career In Australia

The progression in technology made it easier to produce livestock, fish and more crops without assistance from labourers, but needless to say, they are still needed for many purposes like researching, associated occupations and harvesting. There are instances that seasonal workers are hired during harvesting seasons and high planting for crops and workers for livestock and dairy farms are necessary to work entire year, assisting and maintaining in the overall production.

Larger sized industrial farms might operate same like as factory production and need workers to fill critical roles. Large companies on the other hand sell products they produce/manufacture to food retail, food processing and textile companies.

Horticulture Career In Australia

Horticulture career varies duties, which involve breeding, landscaping, breeding and growing of plants. Horticulturists are employed in wide variety of industries, like nursery production, plant science and landscaping. Most of their time is spent outdoors, keeping the vitality of plants.

Training prerequisites vary significantly; depending on fields they are currently employed. Horticulturists working on working in nurseries or landscaping need to be physically fit to keep up with the very demanding duties. They also have to be skilled to work with chemicals and tools like garden shears, fertilisers and sprinkler systems. Those who are working on landscape and nurseries only require minimal formal training, on the other hand horticulturists working in the field of science most of the time require formal education either master’s or bachelor’s degree in Plant Science or Biology.

Careers in Agriculture And Horticulture In Australia

Careers, agriculture and horticulture more often than not before getting employees need to undergo drug screenings and background check. Other requirements are valid ID’s like driver’s license, to allow you to operate equipment and vehicles of company. To know specific requirements of company, best to seek information directly from the company where you plan to pursue your career.

Some companies are strict with experience, hence starting as an assistant or apprentice is necessary. The jobs under these careers are critical as it entails welfare of not just the community where they specifically work, but the entire Australia and outside. Hence, companies will not take the risk of low performance and unsatisfiable result.

When you are seeking for jobs in Australia either for Agriculture or Horticulture, you definitely have a wide range of options. You just need to look for the specific role your training, physique, capabilities and abilities are suitable.

Some companies post their job openings on different job sourcing pages or website like Jobactive and Jobstreet. Some companies encourage outsourcing people outside Australia, but other seek locals. Needless to say, the career on these fields, agriculture and horticulture are definitely challenging hence you have to be very ready and prepared to stand to it.