Advantages of Professional Photo Printing Brisbane

Many on-demand printing kiosks and retail stores in Brisbane offer photo printing services but they pale in comparison to the add-ons and high-quality prints provided by professional photo printing, Brisbane.

Multiple benefits are gained when photo printing is handled by professional photo printing, Brisbane.


Selecting the types of add-ons is an option provided by professional photo printing services. The most popular add-ons gained from having photos professionally printed include:

Custom framing

Custom framing services are offered by professional photo printing services. This add-on option allows you to choose the desired frame and gain other customisations such as using non-glare glass. Photos framed to your specifications make them ready to be hung on any walls of your home or office. This option is an ultimate cost-effective convenience than having to invest in a separate cost of buying frames for your photos.

Unique surface texturing

The printed photo job handled professionally shows various subtle texture patterns to make them look less shiny. Photos that are meant to be kept in photo books and albums get a unique look with the professional surface texturing embedded in them.

Canvas-printed photos

Photos printed on canvas have to be done professionally if they are meant to be displayed like photo galleries. Professional printing services extend the edges of the photo over a canvas stretched on a rigid frame. This provides a classic look to photos that even allow your signature to be affixed on the photo. This method of framing called a gallery wrap is best used for photo galley displays in a home or office.

Lamination layer

The durability of the photo increases when a lamination layer is coated on top of it. The lamination layer also protects photos from dust, fingerprints, and dirt. Mounting large prints make lamination layers an ideal choice all the time.


The plastic frame is the material used for framing the edges of a mounting board makes standouts a great choice of wall art that needs no further framing. A contemporary look is achieved when standouts are used for mounting photos. The varied thicknesses of standouts allow further customisation. A photo mounted on a standout frame achieves a better look and durability with the use of a lamination layer.


A foam core inside a thick mounting board serves as the best base for a print printed on photo paper. A better photo presentation and durability is achieved with professional mounting. The photo placed inside the thick frame also makes it stand out like none other.

The use of multiple types of printing paper

The three major types of printing paper are:

  • Metallic
  • Glossy
  • Mat


Canvas is offered as a printing medium by professional printers even when it is not considered as “paper”. It’s because the print achieves a unique feel and look even when its sharpness is lesser than photographic paper.


The highest colour brightness and saturation are typically achieved by photos printed on glossy paper.


A unique look to the photo is achieved with the pearlescent and shimmering finish provided by the metallic paper. Curling and tearing of the photo are also avoided while you enjoy the colour, sharpness, and brightness of its look.

Photos become brighter, stunning, and durable when professional printers handle the printing. Contact us at Southern Cross photo printing to know more about our professional printing services.

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