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World Environment Day Promotion

World Environment Day 2006 entries:

What did sustainability mean to NSW Residents in 2006?

Our World Environment Day 2006 competition entrants share their thoughts on "What sustainability means" to them. Presented in random order.

Entries 2006:


Sustainability to me means to be able to look after oneself, one's locality, one's country without having to rely on others to provide our requirements

Sustainability to me means the use of a resource in such a way that ensures the resource can regenerate to decent levels, or that it will be around to support future generations


Being able to leave for future generations a better planet than the one we have now by using only what we need and renewing what we use

Sustainability means to me the ability to meet my needs today without compromising the environmental needs of the future

Sustainability to me is the development and application of long term viable solutions for our living and expendable resources.

These solutions need to be renewable in form and not finite with fear of depletion. They need to maintain or in fact sustain our life on earth indefinitely.

They can be simple, quick practical changes to our lifestyle habits and ideally quickly adopted to gain momentum


Sustainability is contextual, however I believe that the word as a singular means the ability to sustain activity/conditions without affecting current or future activity/conditions.

Unfortunately the economic world we live in requires growth to "sustain" our lifestyle. However this is only a short term lifestyle we live in

Sustainability surpasses the maintenance of our country or world. It's the path to a healthy planet for ourselves and our children, it's our survival. Participation is available to all of us and it is for everyone


Sustainability to me means the sound of my children playing happily. The laughter of my friends. Going to sleep at night secure in the knowledge that I am living within my earth share. Taking what I need - and leaving enough for others, today, tomorrow and all the days after that

Sustainability is about assessing our everday actions at home, work and play; and making the necessary changes to our behaviour to reduce our impact on the environment. Making small changes in our lives today will make a big difference to future generations to come


It's easy being green,
Industry, community, shape the scene,
Tomorrow's children can see,
Ecological harmony,
Food production heath and more,
Lawfully protected evermore,
Where cultures, plants, animals,
Outside books and zoos are available,
Permaculture commonplace,
Backyard natives have space,
No more defining sustainability,
Just part of every you and me!

For me, sustainability is not just thinking of doing the right thing, but acting in the right way, at the right time for the right reasons. It is acting in a manner that is not only environmentally, socially, economically and culturally responsible, but makes you feel good too!


Sustainability to me means involving future awareness in every action we take. That is thinking about the next step, future implications and impacts and factoring them into the decisions we make. Personally I believe the term sustainability holds special importance to our natural environment and its preservation for future generations for all living things

Sustainability is about change for good. It is broad because it means different things to different people. It is as small as turning off a tap or as large as organisational change. We shouldn't try to find a definition for sustainability because we live it everyday for a better world


Living wisely, so that my kids will enjoy, as adults, the quality of life that I enjoy now

The ability to maintain a sense of equilibrium and ensure my three beautiful daughters get to enjoy the same careful upbringing I had living off the land with joy

Sustainability means a systemic concept, relating to the continuity of economic, social, institutional and environmental aspects of human society


Guarding and keeping the earth, it's waters and vegetation for our enjoyment and for future generations

Sustainability goes beyond statistics, catchphrases, government policies and regulations.
Many people simply don't sustain belief that they, as one person can change anything.
Shorter showers, lower power bills and walking to work are all great, but the most help people can give is to BELIEVE in a better environmental future


...enjoying our lives in a way that allows the earth to relax and our fellow creatures to be free, happy, healthy and fulfilled...

Sustainability for me is a way of living that ensures quality of life for not just me but future generations

Progress has turned us into a wasteful society. Sustainability means saving the resources we presently take for granted. Water wasted: waiting for hot water, long showers. Power wasted: standby appliances, empty ovens. Fuel wasted: one person vehicles, unnecessary trips. We must look to the past to sustain our future


Safe nature, clean air, pure water, no waste; sustainability: the saving grace

living a lifestyle that replenishes all that we have taken and ensures at least an equal quality of life for the generations to follow us

Sustainability is looking after the future while still improving our present world. It means looking at issues holisitically by considering the economic, social and environmental implications of everything I do and making sure that future generations are not disadvantaged because of my wasteful overuse of resources today


Sustainability to me can only be looked at as a process whereby I/we move towards reducing or acknowledging our impacts on the environment or providing quality offsets but acknowledging the needs of the entire community to a fair and equitable share of the worlds social, economic and natural capital

Sustainability means conserving precious resources to ensure our standard of living is maintained for future generations. It's being aware of how we use our finite resources and being frugal about the quantities used. This ensures these resources are conserved and provides satisfaction that we are contributing to a greater cause


Sustainablity means being mindful of everything I do. This means asking myself: Is this action sustainable in the long term? Do I have to print out this document? Do I have to drive my car this time? Do I have to use this much water at this moment? Do I need to purchase this item? It is moment my moment being conscious of my impact on the world/the environment and looking for a better way to do things

Resources used responsibly
so they will last through time.
Controlled and managed harvesting.
Blind greed's a shocking crime.

Without sustainability
our future's rather grim.
Manage well or pay the cost.
It's either sink or swim


It means being able to look my young daughter in the eye and tell her honestly that I tried to put as much back into this planet as I took, and I hope she will always do the same. Passing the message on to our children is key

Giving back to the planet, that we take.
Sustain our lives with food we make.
Save our rainwater, compost our soil
Help overcome effects of toxic gas, polluting oil.
Using less electric
May be seen as quite eclectic.
Start a sustainable trend ....
Our earth to mend!


To continue using items indefinitely without harm to the environment. This means using renewable food and energy sources

Being able to live in harmony with the world and be self sufficient without destroying areas of nature and the environment

Sustainability means living my life in a way that doesn't wear out the earth before my children get to enjoy it


It means asking myself three questions when making a decision with an environmental / social cost:
- do I really need this (can I do without it or borrow it)
- is there an option that will have less of a (negative) impact
- what can I do to make a positive impact

I try to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in all respects


Sustainability is being able to evaluate my everyday options keeping in mind the impact they will have on future generations. A quick fix for me today could have terrible consequences for those ahead.
It is about being sensible and taking the time to think through all options available and then make the smallest footprint possible

Having quality of life and being creative without destroying the things that allow us to exist


To protect
to encourage
to recycle
to reuse
to sustain
to enjoy
to help
to nurture
to love
to guarantee
to honour
to treasure

These are things we need to do to make sure our childrens future is just as good, if not better than ours. Sustainability is about determining alternate methods to protect our planet

Sustainability means choosing products to improve our life and guarantee a healthy gorgeous life for our children. It means protecting what we have and having a future


Sustainability to me means to maintain things as they are.
In the environment we must learn to put back what we take out of nature.
Recycle, plant, use natural products and educate people. (especially at a young age.)

Sustainability means living on this earth without wasting resources and leaving more than enough for my beautiful innocent children (and their children, and their children...) to be able to appreciate and thrive in this glorious natural world we live in

Sustainability means managing our lifestyles and the impact of our actions in a way that does not compromise the ability of future generations to live in a happy, healthy and balanced environment


To me sustainability means living in a way that can be continued indefinitely without a negative impact on the environment. It means replacing resources when they are used, and correct allocation of the world's resources. It means the breaking down of political and economic boundaries so that everyone can get what they need

Equity - that I live in equity with other cultures, other age groups, future generations and other species


Leaving the world in "better shape" for each generation

Championing and defending the environment, being a vigilante consumer, upholding environmental ethics, living lightly and mindfully on the earth, consuming only my fair share of resources, generating power from the sun, collecting water from the rain, growing food in my garden and living in an eco house

Sustainability means thinking about every action in your life, and the consequences of those actions, to make sure that they have the least adverse environmental, social, or economic effects possible


Minimising our impact on the environment by living, working and playing so that the elements that help sustain us such as water, air, the land and its creatures are as minimally impacted as possible

I think sustainability is about being good to yourself while also being kind to other people, the environment and your wallet

As a sustainability professional, sustainability is my livelihood. In this capacity, it is my responsibility to enable others to see that true sustainability requires holistic consideration of environmental and social impacts and opportunities and critically, that sustainability can leverage real corporate value and contribute to financial sustainability


We are borrowing this planet from our children, and the other species that willinhabit this earth. We must be responsible in the way we treat our planet so that others can enjoy what we have

A respect for the abundant resources we have; a wish to live in harmony with and support our environment; a call to live responsibly and ensure that our precious resources are available for generations to come


Love, nature, forward planning and thinking, educated choices, thinking about others, resourcefulness, compassion, sensitive to nature's delicate balance, open mindedness and including partnerships with people from all walks of life, global links and learning, cultural engagement and exchange, artisan support and opportunity, relaxed and level-headedness and not to forget, celebration and fun!

Sustainability means preserving our resourses for the benefit and use of our children and grandchildren. It means being considerate enough to be aware that our actions may have a negative effect on our environment and taking the necessary action to rectify any damage and to put steps in place so further negative effects do not occur in the future


Saving the world we were taught so much about when young - not having to watch living creatures die and feel totally helpless - saving energy so it can be spread around to less fortunate areas - this is a beautiful planet, in spite of wars in which we have no choice, this is one fight we can win - where we do have a choice and can make a difference!

Reducing human impact on the planet's envrionment by reducing/stopping consumption of non-renewable natural resources.
Choosing recyclable options and doing whatever is possible to reverse environmental damage and rehabilitate land to a native state


Our natural environment is necessary for leisure, pleasure and the survival of thousands of different living and breathing species. Whilst we can not help impacting on our environment we need to implement strategies to minimise the effect we have.
Many of us are starting to see the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution in Sydney harbour etc. The issue of sustainability is a global phenomenon and is imperative for the preservation of the environment for the survival of flora and fauna and for our future generations to enjoy

Sustainability to me is providing a maintenance to support our place in the global ecology. In essence we must not remove more than is given back to mother earth or damage her in any way that is not repairable. This is common sense but for some, sustainability must be educated and taught


Sustainable living means living with an increasing awareness of how one's daily choices effect the natural environment: air, water, land, sea, plants, and animals. Our daily lifestyle choices cycle back to affect one's own body through the water we drink, food we eat, air we breath, and beauty and connection to life we experience

It means to experience life and to keep going the best you can

to be honest, I couldnt really tell you .
thats why I have ticked the box to receive your newsletter.
I will know much more about it after that.
I would still like to win a prize though.

thank you


Sustainability means living in a manner where we actively seek to minimise our collective impact on the environment. It involves a shift in focus from not just looking at what we can extract from life, but more importantly, what legacy we leave for future generations. It is about being considerate and less selfish

To me, sustainability means the ability to deliver in such a way that is controlled to allow everyone to benefit, waste is minimised and future supply is guaranteed through carefull planning and development


Sustainability is like an expensive bottle of scotch. you can't afford to drink the bottle in one sitting so once opened, you like to savour the taste over a reasonable period time that ensures that once the bottle is empty, you then have the finances to replace the bottle

The concept of extending or maintaing the supply of natural resources without interruption or shortage.
Supply with sustenance.
Keep or maintain in perfect or unaltered condition so as to remain more or last long.
Preserve for further or future use


It is all about the future. It is about ensuring that what we do today means that all our children will have a clean world, with all its beauty, where they can fulfil their potential.

It means working together as businesses to find the cleanest way to do things. I want to play my part and be a leading country for all to admire and imitate

Sustainability to me is a positive, uplifting word which invokes feelings of hope for a more sensible, down-to-earth world to live in. To sustain the soil with good work practices, wildlife by creating small sanctuaries and corridors , fellow man by controlling pollution and providing a more wholesome diet and environment


The use of natural renewable resources in such a way that they are not depleted, be they energy sources, foodstuffs, water or building materials etc. and a preference for recycling and non-depleting resources such as sunlight, tidal flow, rainwater, etc., the avoidance of uneccesary consumption such as most packaking coupled with the avoidance of pollution

Sustainability means living and operating on a level playing field so that everyone and everything in the world can be healthy, happy, respected and conserved to the best of our abilities with the resources and skills available


Being able to efficiently use resources in a way that allows for reuse of the resources and benefits the future generations

to live
in harmony
with all
our surrounds,
to live
in balance
and know our
owns bounds,
to consider
all factors
in how we all live,
to learn of our limits
to share
and to give


It's about finding ways to exist more in harmony with the earth. About understanding and acknowledging our impact in the world and finding ways to benefit from the world's natural resources that allow individuals, families, communities, nations and economies to grow whilst maintaining the values that we hold dear about the world - it's beauty, diversity, experiences, and life force. So much so that we do it not just to protect our natural environment and resouces but also our existence and joy of living


As I get older the idea of sustainability gets clearer and clearer to me because I realise the terrible effects of a lot of the things that I have done in my life time and how vital it is that I do everything I can to reverse this and make sure that my grandchildren and the students that I have taught over the years have as much chance to enjoy the wonderful bounties of this incredible planet the way I have been able to. It means for me to reduce the size of my "footprint" as much as I can and to encourage others to do likewise

Sustainability is the way in which we plan and undertake activities so that we will not compromise economic, social and environmental aspects of our daily life so that future generations can live a quality of life equal to or better than the life we live today

Sustainability is about treading lightly on the planet and reducing the amount of waste we produce, it is about walking or using public transport where possible


Sustainability to me is the best use of available resources for the present and future through, respect and care of resources and the environment

Sustainability means operating in an environmentally responsible manner while at the same time maintaining economic viability and fulfilling social obligations, both now and in the future. Sustainability must be embedded within the organisation, such that it forms part of core business values and is incorporated into day to day activities

Sustainability is about living within the boundaries set by our planet so that future generations are able to enjoy the same things we do. This means conserving natural resources, consuming wisely, reusing and recycling. To do this requires education, innovation, and community commitment to change. Sustainability is a living thing


Sustainability means trying to get the message through to the Prime Minister that if we don't start to maintain and improve the natural resources that we have in this country, the economic future won't matter. The priority is the environment. It's a part of all of us. Money just isn't that important

What we used today was being replaced yesterday so that we can use it again tomorrow .So that next week there will be no less and maybe more to go around

As a teenager my hero was Dr Helen Caldicott, an advocate against nuclear arms. As an adult I know that sustainability is about being a role model to others by living simply, and showing the way forward in word and action. My motto, "Live simply, that others may simply live"


Self-support of life without advserse effects to the environment and the lives which surrounds you

Sustainability to me means life. Without it we will slowely destroy what we have - not because we mean to but because people don't understand that we need to preserve things for the future, if there is to be a future for us

Looking after the environment is very important. Not just for us, but for generations to come. I think if we all can play a small part, it will go a long way


Living comfortably and being able to start a family

Sustainability means running my household in a energy efficient, water conserving, chemical free environment. Teaching my children, by example. Making sure that they know that every little thing makes a difference and if every body did the little things then the world would be a cleaner, safer, healthier place

Sustainability means living and acting in a way that does not destroy any natural resources at a rate that is faster than it grows


Respect for the environment and respect for others

Living my life so my presence does not damage the environment in which we all exist

It means living my life with tomorrow in mind, it's about caring for our future whilst making the most of all that we find! Sustainability to me and my family is about the things I can recylce today before we just throw it and our future away


I believe in life, and participating in sustainable living to me is the only way life can continue to exist on earth. This means being aware of how our everyday actions impact on the environment and doing something about it. Currently I am composting, eco-gardening and looking into appliances for my new home which can help me to save water and energy

The resourses we all consume must be renewable, clean, and if possible recyclable or resusable.
The world needs to stop relying on burning of fossil fuels for our energy needs


Sustainability is a goal for society to continually work towards, as individuals, community members, workers and global citizens. We must recognise our ability and responsibility to achieve this goal in our everyday lives. Our impacts must be managed in order to ensure the survival of our home: Our Environment

Sustainable living equals healthy living. Excess in lifestyle choices puts unnecessary pressure on the food chain and health resources. A largely unprocessed diet, water instead of soft drinks and dried fruits instead of sweets would improve our population's wellbeing enormously and help keep resources at a sustainable level. Let's educate!


Living wisely with the future in mind for my children, theirs and all who will hold us accountable

Sustainability means only consuming the minimum resources to meet the living standards on a daily basis

Sustainability, now, today and tomorrow a clean and healthy environment for us and our children and their children


Sustainability for me is the ability to live in a way that places least pressure on our natural resources. It means doing the little things that make a big difference for our environment like recycling and reusing plastic containers and water bottles. By catching public transport instead of driving I am taking part in the aim to be sustainable so that my children will be able to enjoy the natural environment that is so readily available today. Sustainability is the essential ingredient for a safe and healthy future


On an individual scale it's the ability to provide for ones needs without overconsuming, being wasteful, causing damage or being mindless about future consequences; knowing that if we don't adopt this ethos we will exhaust and destroy our very life support system and take everything else with us

Living in a manner that meets our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs; and at the same time continuously reviewing our practices to ensure that we maintain a minimum negaitive environmental impact


Sustaninability means doing all I can to protect the land and climate from human pollution. For me and my children this means being on Solar enery, growing vegetables, conserving water, recycling all useables from bottles, cans, to composting garden refuse and using permaculture methods around the garden and chook yard

sustainability in my local community is when we have a vibrant community, that has equitable sharing of resources. Our natural resources are honoured and respected for the natural capital given to the whole of the community and it is hoped that future generations can be as connected to place as I am


To make an active contribution towards the improvement of the quality of life for ourselves and future generations, facilitating co-operation, networking, ethical practices and developments. "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Sustainability means to live in harmony with the environment; by recycling, minimising waste, reusing materials, renewable energy, being self-sustainable, with waterwise organic gardening using rainwater & native indigenous plants... giving back to the environment, what has been taken away by past generations


Sustainability means looking after the the earth and keeping it in good condition for ours and future generations. It means acting at a local level reducing, reusing and recycling whenever possible. It means educating people, helping to modify attitudes and habits to ensure we live better, cleaner and healthier lifestyles

Sustainability, for me, means having a future. A future that includes life for all of the planet, non humans and humans alike. It means re-addressing the thought processes and cultural stories that have lead us down this path to destruction. We have survived and lived as sustainably as any other species for millions of years, and we can do it again!


Sitting in Victoria Park this week I saw a bird struggling to free its legs from a plastic shopping bag. Having been there an hour I also witnessed the prelude to this. A shopper had decided to enjoy their lunch in the park. Being a breezy day it wasn't long until the plastic bag that had held the much-coveted lunch blew away. No (reasonable) attempt was made to retrieve it, and the owner continued on their way. Within minutes the bird had entangled itself. The point is that plastic bags represent a problem NOW. Every time you purchase goods and say 'Yes' to plastic bags you are saying 'Yes' to non-biodegradable waste that is damaging our environment and its inhabitants RIGHT NOW in REAL TIME. Not only in your children or grandchildren's time but also NOW in YOUR LIFETIME. Pollution isn't an invisible problem - its effects are instantaneous and happening in front of your eyes. Use enviro-friendly shopping bags so that what's in front of your eyes is greener and cleaner


Using natures and man's wonderful discoveries and inventions to keep ourselves, homes and environment in the best possible condition for ourselves, our families and for future generations. Setting a good example and explaining to children no matter how young why we need to be doing this

To be able to live of our land with organic like practices as much as possible and be responsible to our land and help preserve it; to be water wise to the best of our ability and hopefully more

Sustainability is about considering the environment in all we do. It is about meeting the needs of the present and the future through smart thinking and clever planning. We need to promote energy efficiency and the use of products that are safer, renewable/ recyclable and reduce harmful waste


Our home consistently recycles, water, paper, packaging. A relative has many animals and all our food waste is saved and used for feed. We also collect roof rain water for cleaning purpose and pool top up. Grocery green bags used to reduce plastic waste

Raw materials from the earth fuel our prosperity and standard of living. They will runout. To continue survival and growth, we must adopt renewable and restorative processes. Using technology and with education, one man's waste will become another man's raw materials and we will have a sustainable economic supply chain


Sustainability means to give energy and strenthen. We can not expect to endlessly take energy and resources from the earth without anticipating immense changes to our planet. Decreasing water usage, electricity, gas and using recycled materials are essenial to maintain earth. Sustainability is achievable if we decrease fossil fuel usage, preserve and protect our environment

Sustainability means to me clean, fresh air with environmental care issues such as pollution free emissions and noise. Creating more jobs, public and meeting places such as community and activity centres, cafes, restaurants. Low traffic flow and congestion with low rise building permitted - no high rise anymore.Educational emphasis eg.small classes


Sustainability means being able to look forward to a beautiful and natural future, while taking care of our present day

To me sustainability means being selfless in attiude and practice. In my affluent western lifestyle it means to consume less, buy responsibly, seek ways of giving back, never believing I arrived at 'sustainability nivarna', always looking at how I can use less, pollute less and reuse and recycle more

A human footprint in the Earth that fades into a harmonious partnership with mother nature fuelled by synergy and endless possibilities, not a human jackboot that crushes all of nature beneath it, killing all diversity and growth


WHO CARES................

It means a united approach to recycling, conservation, environmental concerns at home, work, government, to live in a world that we can be proud of and worthy of passing onto our children and our children's children

One Earth, Shared Responsibility. We all have a duty whether it be individuals, businesses or governments to make this a better world than the one we came into at birth. It means looking after habitats, oceans, wildlife, plantlife, human life, so we can all reap the benefits of this world


When I die I will leave this earth with the same amount and diversity of natural resources present as when I was born

Sustainability means the survival of Earth through preservation of resources, non-renewable (atmosphere, oil, coal), through maintenance and improvement of renewable resources (trees, water). Pollutant reduction allows renewable resources to clean and improve the atmosphere, preserving Earth's life forms necessary for Earth's and our sustainability - use less fossil fuel

Giving as much back to my environment as it gives to me


Living your life to make the environment, both locally & globally, a better place for future generations.

Learn not ignore ..
Improve not damage ..
Invigorate not expire ..
Create not deplete
Save not destroy ..
Live not die ..
Start not stop .

When we have personally, locally, nationally and globally adapted our living practices so that we enrich our planet Earth with a greater potential for maintaining and increasing diversity of culture, living species and mineral formations, we will have achieved sustainability


Sustainability means nurturing the earth and all life on earth. we have thrived in the natural world but we are dying in our own pollution. What is beneficial for the earth is ultimately the most beneficial for us also. Sustainability is a new evolution in intelligence, abundance and prosperity

Sustainability means leaving Earth as you found it - or leaving it an even better place than you found it.

Where the feeding, transporting, warming or cooling of people does not require pollution of earth, water, air or climate.

Doing things better - not doing without. Starting with me


The first concept that comes to mind is a world where each individual realises the problems with the health of the planet, and finally learn to live, work and enjoy a world where our resources are not threatened

Sustainability to me means making the most of limited resources on Earth, like water; using power which limits destruction to the environment and recycling & reducing waste. We need to be able to keep the Earth as clean and undamaged as possible, and reverse some of the damage already done


Sustainability means that my family and I will do our best to live in such a way to minimise our negative impact on the environment (particularly regarding energy expenditure and waste production) so that we can leave this fragile planet in a better state than when we were its guests

Sustainability is about actions that support our environment: thinking about what we do in daily life and how local actions contribute towards regional, national and global futures. Sustainable action ensures our environment is clean, healthy and beautiful for each and every one of us, our children and our children''s children


Living and existing comfortably, producing minimal waste and negative impact on the environmen, whilst recycling the waste we do produce into re-usable consumables with minimum energy input to to convert them

Being able to live in the confidence that my grandchildren won't have to pay dearly, both financially and environmentally, for the damage done today. We shouldn't ruin the very resources that they must live on in the future. We must be responsible to them!

It means to be aware of our environment around us as well as our health & our duty to ourselves & others. Be active in whatever we can do to help our environment as best as we can, even if we feel it is only a little - even a little becomes a lot


Sustainability to me is a means of living without exhausting our resources and destroying our environment. Living as one with our planet

Balancing the needs of our current generation without compromising the future generation's' chances of meeting their needs

Sustainable Design for Life
Products & Services
Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Redesign
Biodynamic, Permaculture, Organic

we are all one, we are all on the endangered species list, act now, so we can see change today


What living sustainably means to me, is considering the impact my day-to-day decisions have on the environment, and making small, conscious choices to reduce this impact, that are simple and don't compromise my lifestyle, but still make a small but meaningful difference in my local environment for years to come

There is only a finite capacity at which the earth can sustain and recover from the negative impact of humans. Hence, for the wellbeing and survival of future generations, it is vital to ensure that our lifestyle is not detrimental to the sustainability of our fragile planet


Living as one with the ecosystem. Using renewable power, energy and water sources. Mindfulness in every activity!

Sustainability is about ensuring we have a healthy environment for the future. It's just good business

When daily supplements are received in the fairest sized proportion(s) to ease our way of life. A comfortability measure in all its forms ranging from utilising intra personal items e.g from around the house like water usage, phone bills etc to community embraced logical utilising of its' services. A way of life it is


Sustainability is about considering the environment in all we do. The "Sustainable Household Challenge" in our homes would be a very good example to start with to save our ENVIRONMENT. Save water, for example, take reusable bags when you go shopping, walk, and cycle or use public transport and leave your car at home

Sustainability means living with minimal cost to the environment and living to provide a healthier world for our future generations. This is important to me, as it should be to everyone, as I am aware that our way of living and working is destroying our environment and our health


Putting back more into the world than you take out so the generations to come after me don't have to live in world that is beyond repair

Sustainability is about creating a healthy and happy planet for all generations to come. We need to consider the effects of our needs and choices on bio-diversity, long term economics and the wellbeing of all people. Through small changes, future generations can inherit a healthy and wealthy Mother Earth

Sustainability is...bush regeneration, chooks, community gardens, composting, cycling, draft protectors,
ethical investment, GreenPower, grey water systems, home cooking, perm culture, public transport, rainwater tanks, recycling, seed saving, sharing, re-usable shopping bags, short showers, solar hot water, swapping plants, straw bale housing, ugg boots, walking and worm farms


p>Living without impacting the environment to such an extent that our children and the future populations of the world are unable to live with the same quality of life that we enjoy

Sustainability means taking care of the environment by making sure we look at the long term effects of all that we do or are planning to do. Every plan should be assessed not only with its immediate effects but also what it will do to the environment in the future


Sustainability means being able to support yourself in your home.
Each individual is responsible for the protection of our planet. Saving water, electricity and gas, separating garbage for recycling, is important at the grass root level. It is all the tiny things that add up to combat the problem of over-use of fossil fuels

Sustainability is doing things the smarter way, by using renewable energy, having water efficient home, recycling and giving back to earth by changing our lifestyle, eg. walking rather than driving

Sustainability is living, not just doing! It means taking responsibility for my actions and encouraging others to think about the impact of theirs. It's the desire to ensure future generations experience the same (or better) environmental quality that I enjoy, and seeking accurate information on how to best achieve this


Sustainability in all things refers to the ability to survive over long periods of time.
Mother nature was created with sustainability but humanns have created instabiltiy in a once stable situation.
Sustainability in nature means sustainability for our race and for us to survive we must find ways to work with nature instead of taking from her

Sustainability to me means, understanding what the impact of everything I do is on the world and making sure that I factor this impact into every decision I make


Saving water
Using less energy
Saving money
Teaching our kids
Acting responsibly
Improving our lifestyle
Natural alternatives
Analysing our behaviour
Building communities
Increasing awareness
Living thing
Investigating opportunities
Trying to change
Yearning for a better way

To me Sustainability means not taking more than your share or more than you are prepared to give back to this beautiful planet


To be Sustainable

To save our world, it's up to me.
Turn off the tap.
Install a rain tank.
Think solar or turn off lights.
Use AAA energy savers.
Recycle rubbish.
Have a worm farm.
Start a compost bin
Plant a native tree
No plastic bags
Little things make the change


Sustainability means looking after our environment and using our natural resources in a considered way. 'Looking after' can mean replacing what we are using, taking care of a resource and thinking about the future availability of that resource. A considered use of a natural resource involves thinking about how much do we really need and using only that much. I guess if we can think like that on an individual level to start with sustainability can occur on a more global level

I believe sustainability is about reducing our footprint on the world. It is about consciouslymaking an effort to reduce our consumption whether it is water, waste or enegy and conserving our resources. Sustainability is about making sure that there will be something here for our children and our children's children


This is the ability to provide the earth's people with the basic needs without compromising future generations and maintain an acceptable way of life

Sustainability should provide and maintain environmental, social and economic wellbeing for all generations. It includes: fair resource use; waste and pollution reduction; provision of green spaces; and affordable and efficient health services, food, water, shelter, public transport, petrol and recreation. We can all contribute towards sustainability at home and work

Sustainability is ensuring that the envirnonment is given the respect it deserves. As humans we are no more significant on this plannet than any other living thing. We should ensure that the environment remains in balance so future generations can live in a world not unlike the one we see today


To be sure there are sustainable resources and the expressed need to conserve all by every one, this is one way of enabling the continued living in our environment with everything possible to be maintained in a world of uncertainties and reckless misuse of resources by some in our communities

To keep and maintain our environment in a state of complete capacity so as not to lose our natural envirnment, so we can produce and fulfill the earth's capability of living in a rich and healthy state. Every person needs to commit to protecing our natural resourse by thinking and using common sense with everyday activites


Sustainability does not only refer to all us Australian's working together to improve one facet of the environment. From the moment each of us wake up in the morning we are having an effect on our world's sustainability. Each of us should take steps to assist and then as one the benefits and actions we all contribute - will create the sustainability we need to continue in living our world

Sustainability is how an environment is managed so as the next generation would be able to share the same experience as the present. This would mean trying to protect and maintain rainforests and conserving ecosystems and wildlife habitats, as well as the world's biodiversity, which is threatened by logging industries and urban expansion


Sustainability - Continue to have access to natural resources while at the same time strengthening and developing those resources to avoid total depletion.
Sustainability is one of the most important issues that now face, and will continue to face, the coming generations. To sum it up it truly means LIFE

Sustainability is ensuring a better future for all - animals, humans and vegetation. It means protection and ehancement of those elements that are valuable and eradication of elements that are harmful to the maintenance of our, and other planet/s. A future to which we can ALL look forward

Sustainability is about protecting and caring for our environment so future generations, including my unborn child, will enjoy the magnificent county that we live in as much as I do. It is also about education the current generation and future generation


I think sustainability means keeping things around and keeping them the way they are forever. eg.. our beaches instead of building houses on them build them around, also keeping the beaches clean which will attract more wild life and more enjoyment for visitors. Therefore things will always be around

Sustainability is a systemic concept, relating to the continuity of economic, social, institutional and environmental aspects of human society. It is a means of configuring civilization and human activity to meet their needs, while preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems, and planning for maintaining these ideals in a very long term


Sustainability is simply treading lightly on the Earth. Preserving the environment for future generations. Sustainability is thinking for ourselves and not keeping up with the Jones', thinking before we act and developing good clean living habits

Trying your best to conserve water and energy and to reduce pollution and protect flora and fauna, in order to conserve the beauty of this world for ourselves and for future generations to enjoy

To only use what is needed and look after our world so that it will last as long as possible. Recycle and restrict over usage of resources


Ensuring that my children and their children after them have the opportunity to experience first hand the same wonders of nature, such as the divirsity of life on earth, as I did

Sustainability means there is a future, a future with promise and more certainty. This is what sustainability means to me

It means maintaining the earth in a liveable state, for humans, animals and plants, and still being able to live off our natural resorces without ruining the balance needed for a healthy planet and a healthy future

Sustainability means to me, as a society and community, we are aware of the threats and impacts of our actions on the environment and that we take the responsibility for these actions at together a personal and communal level, and through these processes, we are understandable


To me sustainability means the only way to survive.
We need clean oxygen and water to simply stay alive.
By not polluting our needy supplies and being frugal with what we use,
our basic needs will be sustained and our lives we will not lose

It means I take shorter showers, for the sake of my great, great, great grandchildren.

If I can walk instead of driving, it means one less tree gets chopped down to produce fossil fuels.

Sustainability is the LITTLE things that would make such a BIG difference if everyone did them


Everything on this earth is a living, breathing organ, so we have to work with nature to achieve a great sustainably working harmony to grow and breath to the best of our ability and extend our lives together

Sustainability means living on the delicate planet without leaving behind a footprint. Putting back into the environment what we take away. This is a delicate ball we live on. It's a miracle and we're destroying it

Looking after what we have and recycling as much as I can so that my grandchildren will have something to look at when they are my age


Sustainability means creating beautiful, enduring things. I worked on building an environmentally responsible terrace in Sydney that is now home to 3 happy tenants. It uses less than 80 l per person/day and is GreenPowered. It means understanding your responsibilities to provide for an enriching environment to live in

Sustainability means our ability as a society to meet not only our present needs for survival but plan and act in an environmentally responsible manner to preseve the planet for future generations. Sustainability is everyone's responsility from preserving biodiversity through to the more efficient use and recycling of materials


Sustainability to me is a shift in perception and understanding. It needs to be integrated into every aspect of our lives, shaping the decisions we make just like religion. To "be the change you wish to see in the world"can enable the wellbeing of future generations

To "STAIN" or "SUSTAIN" the is up to "US"!

Sustainability means working together to look after our environment and to ensure a better future for everyone on the planet. It's time for "US" to take up our responsibility!

Sustainability means developing a balance between our modern way of living and preserving the environment around us


Sustainability promotes a way of life that connects us with our environment - local and global - for the greater good. It encourages us to use resources wisely, be it at home, work or play. Sustainability does not compromise our living standards, but future living standards will be compromised without it

"Sustainability - what's that? Sustain rhymes with stain - that's the spot on my bedroom carpet that mum says will be there forever. I guess sustainability is when plants and animals are like the stain and the earth is like the carpet - it should keep them here forever."


Sustainability (minus ability), is like sustagen - the life-saving formula given to the trapped Beaconsfield miners. It nourished, improved and maintained their health until freed. Sustainability is the life-saving formula for the Earth. It gives humans the 'ability' to improve and maintain Earth's health for a future, 'freer', life

Sustainability means acting for the long-term, within the capacity of the earth and the budget and without harming human relationships. It is logical, sensible and practical and it offers us a way forward

Living in a manner that ensures that our children inherit an environment equal to or better than that which we inherited from our parents


To me sustainability means making as lttle impact on the environment as possible, reducing use of resources as much as possible and returning or recycling where ever possible

When Joshua, now 3, asks at 33 what we did to keep the earth whole - sustainablity is the answer I hope to have for my grandchildren. The human footprint not trampling the planet ability to rejuvinate. To snorkeling at the beach confident it will be there for tomorrow's tommorows


S - stop
U - unnecessary
S - spending
T - trust
A - analyse
I - individual
N - needs
A - ambulate
B - bicycle
I - investigate
L - less
I - individualistic!
T - teamwork
Y - yearning

Sustainability enables teachers to specifically facilitate learning about, and for life, encompassing all aspects of Quality Teaching and provides a perfect vehicle for developing the 'nine values for Australian schooling'. It covers civic values and skills in a real, direct and meaningful way empowering all in its path. Our Future!


Sustainability means the preservation of our species - and many others!

Living with an environmental conscience so future generations can have the opportunity to live

Managing our resources in such a way that all people in the world, and those who will live in the future, are able to live in a healthy, diverse and productive environment

I think it means surviving on nature but also learning to live equally with nature. What we take out we should give back even if not in the same way


Ensuring that our wealth of vital resources are nurtured and maintained for the ongoing benefit of humanity. That our life and health and environment are preserved through using the correct methods of living, working and playing

Sustainability to me is preserving what is left of our wonderful planet for our children. Changing the way we think to protect the environment, increase forests to produce more oxygen and improve recycling of Water and other precious resources to not only save but improve sustainability


Any impact I have is mitigated by my actions to create a zero net effect on the environment

It is to preserve the environment as much as an individual can, and to live in harmony with earth

We are all living things living in a living environment.

We must make use of things with regard to the consequences our use may have on the environment. Our use will influence the type of environment we can leave future generations and we have the future direction in our hands


Leaping lizards, lions, lorikeets.
Streams and ponds that gleam and gush.
Preserving protecting proprietors prevail.
Long lived lives whisper, "look out".
Small simple smiling ones hear the call,
Return renew reuse repeat.
Home houses humanity heed and halt
Governors of government govern for good.
Learn listen tell and teach.

Minimising human impact on the environment through efficient use of resources and attempting to give back to the environment what has been taken


That my children and their children will be able to enjoy the world in the same way I am, and that I will be able to face them without regrets or guilt at destroying what they could have enjoyed

Sustainability is the minimisation of the effects that human consumption has upon the environment, balancing our usage with our contributions. It's achieved by considering our actions, and supporting initiatives dedicated to protecting the earth's existing reserves, encouraging regeneration of depleted natural resources, and investigating safe alternatives to meet our needs


Sustainability is to me,
Keeping Earth healthy and pollutant free!
Thinking of actions we take and decisions we make
Making positive choices for Earth's sake!

Start "thinking green" in our homes today
Use less water, turn off lights, recycle away!
Plant more trees. Walk, don't drive!
Sustainability - Keeping Earth alive!

To me, sustainability means to live without waste; to ensure resources and the environment are preserved for future generations. For me, sustainability means to recycle, to not waste, and to not intentionally harm the environment in any way


Being able to meet our own needs while leaving enough of the planet's scarce resources for our children, and for our children's children

Being able to look into our children's eyes and say "Look around at the magnificence of the vibrant, healthy natural environment we have protected and pass into your care. It is now your turn to act as guardian and leave a legacy of a healthy planet for the next generation"

When an ecosystem is healthy, it is sustainable. Sustainability means to provide a healthy and satisfying life to all people on earth, now and for future generations. To ensure the survival of species and their natural environments

The meaning of sustainability doesn't just limit to 1 definition. A simple one I have thought up is sustainability is meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future gernerations to meet their needs


Sustainability is the basis of my way of living - it is my chosen profession; my personal passion; my hope for a better world for all of us now, and for the children we are yet to have.

Sustainability drives how I try to live - simply - it is what makes me who I am

The ability to carry on / continue, to do as we do now in the future without detrimental effect to anything

In my view sustainability means helping keep a balance within our lifestyle, whether it be at work or recreation where we support and are aware what we can do to help our environment. There must be a balance with our forests, what we take out we must replace. Preserving our water usage, watching our waste, recycling and in general paying attention to what we can do for our earth and our children


Sustainability is when the forces of the mind, body and spirit fight for existence

Sustainability is achieving an increasing standard of living without hindering future generations chance of receiving the same or better standard of living. Basically it is living in harmony with the environment

To me sustainability means thinking globally and acting locally. Doing all I can to preserve our precious resources, water, energy and our open spaces. Using smarter environmentally friendly appliances, reducing the strain on our resources in my home and the areas I frequent and encouraging friends and family to do the same


Sustainability is a way of living within your means and not adversely impacting the quality of our environment and community and economic viability

We must learn to live within our means. By making sure we save water, energy and resources, and by recycling and reusing we will be able to demonstrate that sustainability means we can live on this beautiful planet without leaving a legacy of pollution and waste

Sustainability means not being greedy and selfish and thinking about the future of our planet. Future generations may not be able to enjoy the natural resources that have been available to our generations, if we don't act responsibly, and take measures to conserve and recycle resources


Sustainability means creating zero waste of air, water, materials and humanity. It means looking at the 'top of the pipe' solutions to prevent having to 'clean up at the end of the pipe'. By seeing the link between nature, these areas of 'waste' and avoiding problems we attain sustainability

Sustainability means to me existing in a way that maintains and nourishes the world with consideration to my impact on the natural environment. To do this for past, current and future creatures to enjoy the beauty that is the world and to enlighten others to do the same


Sustainability means that we should put all of mankind's efforts into developing the spaceships and weapons we need to explore and conquer the galaxy. By taking control of the vast mineral wealth and energy of the cosmos we can sustainably continue our existance and our soverign reign over the universe

Sustainability is being able to ensure that all the resources we use are used wisely and have the ability to regenerate so they will not run out for now and for our future generations. Sustainability should be about making sure that all of the planet's inhabitants, including humans, animals, plants etc, have equal access to the world's finite resources and that they are shared among nations and managed in a self sustaining manner


Living sustainably is minimising our impact, as individuals and globally, such that the rate of change to the many natural and human-made systems is not greater than their ability to adapt

Reduce my imprint on this earth so that future generations enjoy everything I have and more

Sustainability to me means a future. Irrespective of race, religion, wealth or occupation we all share this one planet and its finite resources. I have an opportunity to help keep that future alive everyday in decisions I make and actions I take. Let's all secure a future


Sustainability for me is an opportunity to help maintain our environment for future generation through using less power, creating less waste and recyling as much of the waste as possible

Sustainability is taking a holistic view about how we live and what we use to minimse our impact on the environment

Sustainability is the approach of meeting the needs of the present without impacting on the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Sustainability -
Wise resource usage
Electricity needed
Solar heating and speed
Wind power, clouds seeded
Hydro perpetuates
Clean water to drink
Grey water from sink
Veges grow, in good earth repeat
To breathe, keep the trees
Global warming at bay
Acid rain away
Ice floes stay
Fossil fuels unneeded
Industry conceded

Sustainability is.... not using resources faster than they can be renewed so that they are available for future generations


It's about living a balanced unselfish life that will ensure the future of this earth for our children

Sustainability to me means what every person can and should do to save our environment for future generations such as: recycling rubbish, saving water, using environmentally friendly products, being energy smart, use public transport or car pool etc SUSTAINABILITY - IT IS SUCH AN EASY THING TO DO SO PLEASE DO

Respecting the world we live in and our resources, recycling everything that we can, using less water, planting appropriate plants in our gardens, changing our habits with respect to the type and use of utilities in our homes and thinking outside the square


Sustainability means living responsibly, with respect for the earth.
On a personal level, it's accepting responsibility for your lifestyle choices.
On a global level, it is understanding the consequences of our actions on other people and the environment.
Sustainability means acknowledging, understanding and respecting the ecosystems we are part of

To me, sustainability means finding better ways to do the things we do, allowing us to live the life we love but reducing the amount we waste, so that we can leave a better world for future generations


To retain is to "hold back"; to detain is to "stop from proceeding"; only when we sustain do we find words truest to our needs in to "hold from below". Sustainability is, then, simply the care and maintenance of that which supports us - our Earth. Do less and we fall

All individuals are responsible to help maintain clean, safe drinking water, clean beaches, rivers and harbours, a water efficient city, attitudes need to change (current drought) we must use all our resources wisely from a residential and industrial/construction viewpoint.
Repalce and replenish, plant more trees and be energy wise


Sustainability is a celebration of diversity, dignified by justice. It's a creative and purposeful reimagination of our communities and cultures. It privileges cooperation over aggression, and uses nature as our template. Sustainability nourishes tradition whilst harnessing appropriate technologies, thereby fostering resilience and adaptability in our stewardship of the Earth

Living a lifestyle that minimises my impact on the environment

Our collective and individual efforts in ensuring that the resources that the earth contains will be sufficiently available for future generations. These efforts involve reassessing our life style and making sacrifices, no matter how small they are. It also involves sharing our knowledge and conviction with the people around us


Sustaianability means living in harmony with the environment and nature and protecting the earth for the generations to come

Sustainability means looking forward to a future where humans can live in harmony with our bountiful planet, respecting all life forms including each other

Sustainability to me means to continue something across the seasons. To my ancestors this meant having means of sustenance in reserve to last a hard winter. Reserves running out meant death. Now sustainability means lasting countless seasons, leaving an inheritance to our grandchildren of the means for their sustenance


It is to care and share our land.
To provide and survive from what we reap.
Live within our means and not greed.
To leave a beautiful world for our children.
To know the environment and not to desecrate but to consecrate.
Let's celebrate our precious living space

There are three stages to sustainability
the past - let's correct the crazy days of excess
the present - let's be accountable and responsible for what we do to the earth
the future - our kids will be judging us for what we do to the world now

We used mud-brick construction for our house; we use "passive solar" energy, water saving shower heads and dual-flush toilets. We installed a rainwater tank and planted lots of native trees and shrubs.We compost appropriate waste and recycle papers, bottles, etc. I am a volunteer for Catholic Earthcare Australia

Sustainability is taking action today to reduce our consumption of resources and the impact on our environment, both locally and globally, so that the kids of tomorrow will live, work and play in a natural, social and economic environment that is better than today


Sustanability to me means living our lives in a way that does little or no damage to the enviornment around us.
We do this by recycling more than we put out in rubbish. We make sure that when we camp the site is left as we found it free of rubbish and surrounds not damaged.
We return small fish back to the water alive and not dead so that they can breed and mutiply.
When I see rubbish dropped on the ground I put it in a bin or take it with me even if I did not put it there.
This is my small way of keeping our planet safe for my grandchildren and the future

Sustainability keep our planet a safe and happy place where my children's children's children will still be able to enjoy the wonderful environment that we are fortunate enough to experience, but it all takes work and by uniting as one we can all keep our planet liveable !!


Living within one's ecological budget so as to allow the environment to be enjoyed by present and future generations

Operating your home, work and recreational activities in a way that least impacts on our resources. Using renewable energy rather than depleting and polluting and saving water by smarter use and having rain tanks

Leaving no foot print for our next generation, only a memory

Sustainability means that resources should be used or reused with the least possible impact on the quality of our environment, whether it be the quality of our air, our oceans, our land, our natural habitats, or the myriad living things which depend on these to remain unaffected by our actions


To me, sustainability means looking at the natural things I enjoy and making sure they will be available to my son when he grows up. Things like surfing, bushwalks, standing in the rain, counting native birds, drinking clean water, eating food not grown in factories and spending time outdoors

Sustainability is about living wisely and thoughtfully in our environment. It is about individuals, families, communities and businesses realising that they have the opportunity to benefit the environment through changing the way that they live. It discourages wastefulness, whilst promoting an active and enjoyable way of life

Sustainability means caring for your environment in such a way that you modify your everyday behaviours thus benefiting the environment and ultimately yourself. The key is awareness. Therefore, promotion of sustainability through the schools and via the media is essential. Living sustainably equals lifstyle


Minimising the use of the resources of the world and sustaining our environment for future generations

Sustainability is living within our means by giving back to the environment what we take from it (as much as possible) or using alternatives.
Planning for the future and not looking at the costs, as the benefits will eventually out weigh this if we act immediately
Recycle, reuse and be ready to work towards a better daily aim, always thinking of the impact of the environment.
Use alternatives eg Enjo, natural cleaners, walk, no plastics, plant trees
Enjoy the environment but be consciously caring for it at the same time
Why aren't we utilising run off rain water to irrigate the inland
Sustainability is very important to me and the rest of my family, I try to educate others as much as possible


A concerted effort and focus for each of us to work within self imposed ecologically conscious guidelines, and for all people to join together to preserve, enjoy and learn from our life giving natural environments, with harmony and understanding the guiding force.
Sustainability equals accountability at home, work and play

Sustainability is a term that most people understand, but don't act upon. At a party recently I spoke to a guy about climate change. Our conversation ended with him saying "Oh well, never mind" as he continued to eat his steak off a plastic plate. He should mind and I do mind. Needless to say I was hugely offended


It means educating my children about the environment in which they live, to protect and nurture our planet so they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle that every human being is entitled to.

To keep the air fresh, the water clean and our wildlife happy and thriving. We can always make a difference!

Everyday we sustain and coexist in relationships. At home we budget for a better future, recycle home products and through awareness of the ecosystem endeavour to acheive sustainability . In the workforce we are conscious of recycling and enviromental protection issues. But most of all as communities we conserve resources in order to sustain all life forms on this planet


We are more aware that our actions are destroying the environment and life on this earth. Sustainability, to me, is the acknowledgment of this destruction and the modification of the way we live to halt the destruction and begin living in symbiosis with the surrounding environment. Sustainability enompasses the environment, the economy and social issues, these areas interact, and the performance of each area depends greatly on the way the aother areas are handled

Sustainability is the use of our resources in a manner that does not exhaust them. To reuse, recycle and produce our own

Sustainability is the art of living and keeping the earth in its best possible condition for the longest time possible for everyone to enjoy. This is done by reducing pollution and keeping everything as clean and efficient as possible


Think....take Responsibility....encourage others....and leave this world the way you found it

Sustainability means to me being able to live according to our resources, both material resources and human resources without squandering or misusing either

Sustainabiity to me means a way of using the resources that we have in this world of ours without wasting or misusing them as resources are a precious commodity

The ability to keep things going to maintain and change the way we do things to ensure that the world survives


Sustainability to me means using things that we have in the right way without wasting them or using them in the wrong way so that we maintain the resources that we have

What sustainability means to me,
It is more than just not cutting down a tree,
It means making sure there is more on earth,
For the children to whom we will give birth,
That means clean water and clean air,
Making sure a little bit of everything is still there

Individuals think it is such a difficult concept however sustainability to me is as simple as turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or instead of throwing the unfinished water from your childs drink bottle after schooldown the sink, use it to water your indoor plants instead. Enjoy life....


The significance of maintaining the natural and resplendent world that we as humans have adapted to. It is imperative to realise that this delicate world cannot easily adapt as we have. Sustainability is a word that should endeavour to instill a responsibility to an issue we have created

Sustainability is as important to the planet as a regular medical check - both are essential for maintaining a healthy life. In our trend towards living in affordable, medium and high density housing, novel waste management solutions for these smaller spaces will impact positively on sustainability

Sustainability is about helping the planet we live in. Sustainability is about keeping it in good shape. Sustainability is about trying to correct mistakes that we have made in the past with regard to our planet. Sustainability is about SURVIVAL for our planet and for mankind!


For me sustainability is about choice.
I choose to lower my ecological footprint to provide for the world's poor.
I choose to support the ecosystems that support us.
I choose to leave the world in a better state than when I entered it

Sustainability means each and every person doing the best in keeping what sustains them, looking after our envoiroment ,composting, growing your own vegies, recycling your bottles (cans, glass) using low emission fuels, sharing transport,riding your bike more often and HAVING RAIN WATER TANKS COMPULSURY ON EVERY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the conservation of valuable resources such as energy and water for the use of future generations


The ability to live with minimal dependance on unrecyclable items. To take advantage of the earth's natural resources and utilise them more effectively such as solar power, rain water tanks, water saving devices etc..

Sustainability means the world to me. It means taking seriously the opportunity of developing our human potential as beings who love, play and work together seeking peace, harmony and spiritual completion on this beautiful and living planet

To my family, sustainability means avoiding wastage and pointless expenditure of energy. Solar power, a composting toilet and tank water are possibilities of urban living. We do it every day. Convenience does not necessarily mean thoughtless over-consumption of finite resources. It's about living small for a larger future


Sustainability is a word that needs to be taken more seriously by everyone on the planet. Our governments need to do more to stop the loss of habitat, to provide wildlife corridors & to make all people from all walks of life more responsible for how we treat our natural environment. We need to stop further development now & look after what we have left

Sustainability, to me, means my children's future. We need to change the world we live in today to be more enviromentally freindly. All of our utilities are too dispensilble. Our society as a whole is too dispensible

Putting long term benefit ahead of short term expediency so that our planet can continue to provide for all with sufficiency


Sustainability means using no more than you need and being grateful for having precious resources such as water at our fingertips. It should also involve educating the people around us so that collectively we can make a difference to ours and future generations

Sustainability means to me cohesion with planet earth in it's entirity. Living correctly and unselfishly. Changing. Giving back. Respecting. Educating myself and others

Using more renewable products which do not damage the environment and help in reducing the green house gas. As well able to grow vegetable and fruits using permaculture


Sustainability is my great grandson being able to propose to his partner while hiking in my footsteps through the brazilian rainforest while the pristine turbulent water flows over the Igazu falls in South America in the background

To me sustainability means utilising all resources available to their maximum capacity in a way which will ensure that the resouce cycle will feed upon itself for continued production without the need for external inputs.
This could apply to mother nature or any human enterprise

Sustainability means better lives for us, and better lives for everyone in the future. Sustainability means a stronger economy, built on a stable foundation. Sustainability is beauty, imagination, creativity, freedom and strength. Sustainability is things and people - it is a better society in every way. Sustainability is sucess!


Zooming out from daily life activities and visualising planet Earth as a single living organism made up of millions of smaller parts, then realising that practices negatively effecting the health of this organism have an instant and long term consequence for the well being of current and future inhabitants

Sustainability is a goal I continually work towards. We are part of the natural environment and rely on this synergy it for health and quality of life. Sustainability is actively respecting our place within the biosphere. Living sustainably gives me personal satisfaction and social ease as well as financial comfort

Sustainability is to live environmentally friendly lives on a continuing basis, using equipment , products and services that allow us to be continuously friendly to the environment. Cutting down on the use of natural resources and decreasing greenhouse gasses


Sustainability means I can control the effects of how I live to benefit others. It means I belong to a world that will support me if I equally support it. And by doing so, I give hope to future generations and those less fortunate that they can enjoy health and sustenance

peOple of the world existing in harmony with oUr enviRonment,

equality for present and future,

reusing, reWOrking, RecycLing resources, not reDucing, removing, ruining,

putting planet and people before profit,

knOwing "greenhoUse effect" Represents only the name of my dad's old band,

liFe sUpporting our environmenT, as oUr enviRonment supports lifE


Not using more natural resources than we really need. Saving energy, saving water and saving other natural products means a cleaner, smarter and healthier community. Living sustainably makes good sense. It also shows I care about my kids and the planet they'll inherit

sustainability means alot of things to me: control, dependance, diet and living, general living.

After all we all need somebody if we want to survive. even a hermit needs the environment which is still a living thing.

Having some control over your diet gives you a bit of sustainability.Sustainability keeps you going


Having something left over for my children like clean air, rivers and parks. And trees and mountains for climbing, and no dumps or pollution in our country. No cancer from carcinogenic products or GM foods. Lots of native animals and places other than zoos to see them in!

Sustainability means:
Recycling resources, reusing materials, avoiding conspicuous consumption, preferring low-tech solutions which do the job rather than unnecesary hi-tech innovations, using public transport instead of private where possible, eating natural foods rather than artificial processed ones, eating vegetarian rather than meat, growing food in your own backyard, and composting recyclable food scraps

Sustainability means using every cup of water and bowl of food like it's the last, so that it never will be


Sustainability is about living within nature

Not wasting anything!

Sustainability is everything. It is embodied in the way you approach life, whether you ride a bike, plant a tree, implement passive solar design on your house, sproul your appliances. It is limitless and necessary!

Sustainability to me, means being able to sustain/keep/maintain the earth's environment in its most natural state almost indefinitely so that future generations can enjoy, appreciate and look after the earth's environment and so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful environment we have


Sustainablity is the idea of doing things in a way that allows you to keep living in that way. In means thinking about the impact of your lifestyle on others, the environment, and future generations, and taking steps in your life to reduce this impact!

Respect, Responsibility, Clean air, Clear water, Happy fish, Wholesome food, Healthy children, Purity

Permiculture, Chickens, Fruit trees, Garden patch, Composting toilet, Affordable living, Freedom

Innovation, Creativity, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Please


Community, Cooperative, Sharing, Caring, Loving our earth, Selflessness

My hopes, My dreams, Our future, our children's children


Sustainability means treading as lightly on the planet as possible; it means adapting my lifestyle so I can leave my children an environment that is a legacy rather than a burden - one that they can enjoy and thrive in rather than have to battle with to survive

To me sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.
Sustainable development comprises types of social and economic development that protect and enhance the natural environment and social equity.
It is something we should all aspire to achieve and work toward


Keeping the planet alive

I can use energy or products that have been grown or provided by natural means as my needs are determind and know that it will never run out for myself and future generations

Sustainability means reusing the resources we already have to maintain our environment as it is today so future generations can enjoy it too. Being a mother of two young children, I would love for them to be able to live in a healthy, sustained environment

Giving our children a brighter and better future.


Keeping everything like in my great grandfather's day where everything was pure. Keep everything fresh for our future generation to hold, support and maintain the environment by not using plastic bags, recycle as much as possible, by not dumping rubbish, oils or chemicals into our water systems. Generally do our best

Sustainability is about doing your best to conserve, reuse and share. For example conserve natural resources such as water, reuse kitchen food waste as compost and share items such as herbs grown in your garden or left over building materials amongst your friends and neighbours rather than throwing things away

Sustainability means living within my means -- my own, the community's and the planet's


I am about to move into a new home that has all the new BASIX attached to it. I am hoping that the savings will be better for my family, the environment and the community.
I have 19 Acres in which to live, work and play on.

Sustainability is about long-term survival for the planet and all its inhabitants. Actions need to occur on all fronts - personal, community and government. All levels need to reduce their ecological footprint, bypass goods/services with negative social and environmental impacts and adopt a non-consumerist approach to happiness and well-being

Sustainability is about understanding the cycles that we are part of and how our actions affect these cycles. Living sustainably means being sensitive to what happens 'downstream'. In the end it improves things for everyone


Knowing that small things make a difference. Sometimes ecological problems seem huge and it's great to know that what I do to conserve energy, recycle waste and using water wisely will improve my own and my children's future

Respect, care and active guardianship for all life and in particular for the earth which sustains us. Making positive contributions to our environment. Ensuring that we are caring and thoughtful ancestors who pass on an environment either as good as or better than what we have had

In our home sustainability means producing our own fruit, vegetables and eggs, harvesting our own water, recycling packaging, planting trees, looking after our 'wild pets' and each other.
The planet needs everyone to live by simple means so it can survive to house our sons and daughters


Sustainability means having those things I love and take for granted such as clean water, clean air, fish in the sea, trees and wildlife around for my children and future generations. It's about ensuring we don't use these quicker than they can be reproduced

Living within the means of our environment so that there are enough resources available for the needs of future generations

Sustainability means that everything you do has the minimal possible impact on the environment and fellow humans. It means making conscious decisions about what you buy, how you travel, where you spend your money, and how you invest. It means reducing your impact through reuse and recycling


It means security for the future. Taking responsiblity for my family's future. Not robbing from the earth but being a contributor to future generations

That in every moment from this one on, people like me can experience all the joys of our natural you and I do now

It means harmony between all living and natural things on our planet including ourselves. Preserving our natural history!!!


Create an ubundant future for ourselves

Promoting, encouraging and devleoping ways of life that have minimal or benfical impacts on our environment to allow future genreations to enjoy the beauty of the world

To me sustainability means a future for my children, it will enable them to enjoy life the way it should be enjoyed. Clean air, clean water, clean living. I believe if we all work together then we can achieve anything

Enjoying the fruit of the land which has been toiled by hand. Seeing the smile in my grandchildren's eyes when I hand them a homegrown surprise


Sustainability should mean that what we now enjoy should be there forever for the generations in the future to enjoy

To me it means feeling good about putting back what we take out in our lives. Life is a beautiful thing and not to be taken for granted - so why not live every day to the fullest and keep happy and proud of the way you live and love

Sustainability to me means we need to be aware, concerned and actively do our bit, to assist in continuing the world to be the best it can for future generations. We have a responsibility to make sure our actions today don't compromise the quality of life tommorrow


I began recycling, and my environmental awareness, began in the 1970s while living in California. I wonder why it took us so long to catch on.

Sustainability to me means doing everything I can to lessen my impact on the environment - and to encourage my younger generations to do likewise

Sustainability to me means living in a manner that has a minimal impact on the natural environment. This way of life includes:
- Using rainwater
- Solar power
- Growing indigenous trees at home to provide habitat for native animals.
- Walk don't drive.
-Educate friends and family


Sustainability to me means a safe and wonderful world for us and future generations to live in

Sustainability is making changes to the way we live around the home and in the community in order to protect the environment so that it can be appreciated by generation after generation in the years to come


Sustainability means to me that a human action can continue. An action cannot continue if the environment on which that action depends cannot continue to support the action

Sustainability is life - buying items that can be re-used over and over, treating the environment and our natural resources with respect, conserving them and avoiding waste. Sustainability is living in and enjoying our beautiful country ... and ensuring our kids can enjoy it too!

Sustainability means living with the Earth's natural limits. For me, it means taking responsibility for my own lifestyle choices and actively taking steps to reduce my impact on the natural environment - at home, at work and in every aspect of my day to day living


Sustainability for the environment means treating our planet in a way that ensures that natural resources are preserved for future generations. This involves individuals modifying their behaviour wherever possible to minimise this generation's environmental footprint and enable future generations the opportunity to enjoy the earth as we know it

To someone or something with necessities or nourishment. Being someone's/something''s or my own leaning post offering support and strength

Natural living, like nature intended. Caring for myself and the environment, naturally. Using organic principles at home and using renewal resources without negative environmental effects. Trying to meet my own needs without compromising the needs of future generations


Whilst the worry concerning terrorism is real, the reality of a ravaged planet is terrifying.
Sustainability, to me, is the hope that all people learn and relearn to build our world around a harmonious balance, forever mindful that there will be nothing left to protect if we don't

By cultivating and farming our resourses is the way to sustaining today's way of living, and by using endless evironment energy supplies a cleaner and cheaper future is in place

Sustainability is living in a way that minimises our adverse impacts on the environment and maximises the ability of our children and their children to experience the beautiful scenery, clean air and fresh water that we enjoy today


Making sure the future has a future!

I want Australia to be a smarter, cleaner, safer place for my children and my children's children.

I try to reuse everything. Plastic bags, paper, bubblewrap, everything!

If you're not getting two or three uses out of something, you're not trying hard enough!

Sustainability is about finding the environment, economic and social balance to preserve what we have today so that future generations can enjoy it tomorrow. Sustainability in action involves conserving, preserving, enhancing and most importantly respecting our delicate and dynamic ecosystems


Growing vegies where possible. Encourage other to do the same and swap. Consider using recycled water, materials before buying new. Walk or ride bikes as a family rather than take the car. Small things like this can help the environment and save money

Sustanability means to me the ability to endure for a long period support for protection of our environment through protective measures. Keeping what we have, NOT destroying it then trying to re-surrect it. Sustain through re-cycling and alternative methods, not producing waste or harmful elements to the environment


Our Bush
Whispering trees,wavering grass,
Wombats wobbling as they pass.
Warbling birds in swaying trees,
Raindrops washing the earth with ease.
A magical place,let's keep it clean.
Tread softly the path, for things unseen.
Rich is this heritage,nature's reserve.
Cherish the bush, ours to preserve

Maximising and maintaining the viability of today's resources for future generations

Sustainability is a state in which the existence of something can be continued indefinitely


Sustainability is living in a way that will allow us and future generations to enjoy quality of life in a healthy environment

Smarter Thinking,
Unified Commitment,
Supporting Enviroment,
Taking Action,
Adopting Changes,
Natural Resource Management,
Behavioural Changes,
Lifestyle Changes
Youth Education


{I'm going to keep it simple. Sustainability now has the meaning to me of stop being "selfish". We as a community now want instant gratification. Thinking of only ourselves, what are we going to leave behind for our current and my future kids to deal with? Time to change

Keeping my part of the world environmentally as safe and healthy as I possibly can

Sustainability is a smart and effective way of utilising natural resources. This is done with the aim of acheiving maximum output and minimum strain on the environment and the resources themselves. We can all work together by reducing consumption and reducing waste products


S ensitive to environment
U ncompromising
S ensible recycling
T houghtful planning
A love of nature
I ngenious green inventions
N ew attitude
A saving of resources
B uying green
I nfluence others
L ong term caring
I nfinite thoughtfulness
T hinking smart
Y ou will be the winner


To "KEEP ALIVE" our God given resources and to be true custodians of mother earth. It is conserving and utilising our energy sources daily and not wasting and polluting with a passion and practice of recyclying, reusing and composting that will give back to earth what we take from it


It means to me that I can live with various positive environmental plans in place, so as to help support the environment into sustaining some degree of health!
A way if life!

Looking after my resources is one way that I can ensure that there is supply around for my children and grandchildren

Sustainability, from my perspective effectively means that greater use is made of our resources in a manner that is beneficial long term. Some of the decisions may be hard right now, from a dollar cost and convenience factor, but for the longer term and our children, these decisions are vital, and we must make them before itis too late


Sustainablity means meeting the needs we have of the present without compromising the ability of our future generations to do the same.

It means stopping the rape of our Earth's natural resources and starting to implement the knowledge and environmental awareness we have to begin making a difference

If I can pass on this wonderful world as I have lived it to my beautiful daughter, to help her love the water and the air and the earth as I have, I believe I have helped acchieve sustainability. Without our children, there is no need for sustainability


Doing what nature intended

To me sustainability means harmony and comfort. Be harmonious with the

environment in which you live, but not limited to. To make our living environment more

comfortable requires some form of work to be done, but it is not hard nor difficult just

requires a certain level of awareness

Keeping the planet clean with recycling rubbish, water etc
Using less power energy saver globes. Using less water gas at home.
Using solar power, wind power, gas for energy.
Less fossil fuels use


To sustain means to last. I think our way of life and country is so beautiful I want it to last and to be there for our great grandkids and so on. If everyone just tried to do something and we all use less that could really happen

Trying to use the renewable resources I have available to live my life, and use in my everyday activities. Also to feel like I am part of a community that places importance on saving our environment

Sustainability is using what we need, with a view of ensuring our children and their children will have what they need + a healthy natural environment. Responsible living


It didn't mean anything until we moved to the country six months ago. Now we monitor our water usage by taking shorter showers with buckets for use in washing, keep a diary of rainfall and how many loads of washing I do. Sustainability means to me making things last

Sustainability means learning to use less natural resources now so future generations can share them tomorrow

Sustainability is the preservation of resources, both ecological and energy. Ecological resources of all natural living things are harvested in a managed way that does not affect the balance of life. Energy resources are controlled to limit greenhouse gases and alternative, low emission methods are used instead such as wind, tidal power, solar, ethanol. This is the best way


We need to learn how adapt our 21st century lifestyle to a standard that we would like, but in doing so to adopt attitudes towards consumption of goods that are produced using the most environmentally friendly processes and to minimise our waste by avoiding unnecessary packaging to sustain our environment

Sustainability is a lifestyle challenge we accept on behalf of all future generations. The challenge is to live within our means financially, socially and environmentally. Our success will be measured not in terms of our personal wealth rather by the ability of future generations to enjoy our standard of living


Sustainability, to me, is using and managing natural resources in a responsible way, so that future generations do not go without. It is important that children of the future get to see first hand all the wonderful natural things our world has to offer, and it is their right

Sustainability means living in harmony with what the planet can provide. This means living smarter - by developing new habits and thinking differently about how we live our lives, both at work and at home, so that we use less while enjoying life

To me it means living in harmony with our environment, recycling as much as possible, utilising the resources we currently have without wasting them, and saving our planet for the enjoyment of future generations


Sustainability means to me the practice of restoring and maintaining something over a period of time without using up any resources faster than that resource can be replaced. The survival and maintenance of improving quality of life ecologically, socially and economically from the small community to the whole world

Living just that in a simple clean as possible world with limited wars. Plenty of food to spread around. Living a clean life to leave for our children to carry on

Doing things now that will not stop the future generation from doing the same


Sustainability to me is existing and maintaining my place in the environment at a level that can be ongoing - and limiting negative impacts.

There is constant 'green evolution' of my thoughts and behaviour as I make decisions and actions. I'm sure there will always be room for improvement, but there is satisfaction in the journey!

SUSTAINABILITY means we need to have the ABILITY to maintain our finite resources on the plant


Sustainability means to me to have courage when times are tough, to drive to do ones best for all, near and far, to have enough backbone, energy and the will to be the best I can be. To help those in need to make a better world for now and the future

Sustainability means education. We need to teach the communtiy how to modify our lifestyles so as not to deplete our natural resources. We can all work together to achieve this balance. Sustainablity - living now for the future

Sustainability means living in such a way as to leave the world in a state in which future generations can use it in the same or better fashion


catch a train
collect the rain

solar light
insulated tight

take a hike
or ride a bike

garage sale
hay bale

don't abuse

catch and release
wastage to cease

landfill reduce
greywater reuse

turn off lights
litter free sites

for future generations

give overseas aid
buy locally made


I'm so keen on sustainability that I wrote a high school technology program on sustainabe environment. Its been running since the beginning of the year. One of my students won the MESA competition "plastics in our waterways". I belong to a permaculture group. It's important, its fun and a great hobby

Living in balance with the environment



Watching the suns rays filter through the stormy May clouds settled over the green rolling hills of the Mulgoa Valley and knowing that the same magnificent sight will be there for so many more generations to enjoy


Sack your car
Use a bicycle and
Save a bear's
Thawing icy pole.
Act now
It's your new ideology.
Ideal technology.
Less material wealth
Is simply
Time for


I've made sustainable lifestyle choices like not using cars and no overseas trips. I put less importance on material goods. This makes my life simpler, more enjoyable and healthier.
But most importantly, I am reassured that I am not damaging the environment . This gives me great peace of mind

Living my life without waste, so that the divserty in the values and benefits of nature are preserved and protected for everything and everyone to continue to enjoy long after I depart, and into perpetuity

To sustain - ably - the future of the world for our children by treading lightly on the earth and leaving as few footprints as possible


Sustainability means living with what nature provides. It means doing positive cost effective things like installing energy saving lights and water saving shower heads. It means more and less. More recycling, less waste. More natural cleaners, less toxic ones. And, setting an example about living sustainably at home and work

A future for our kids worth living for

Ensuring today's needs don't create tomorrow's 'weeds'


Sustainability means to me that that resources are being used faster and repelished less than they should be

Sustainablity means that all the worlds resources continue into the future. Using only what we need and leaving the rest for the future and for our children is what sustainability means to me, I would like to leave a healthy, clean world for my children

Sustainability means a way that we use our natural resources so we can keep them for our future children. By doing this we are helping them live in a healthy world, not a dirty one. We do this by using the 4 R's Reduce Recycle Reuse and Rethink


Sustainability means the ability to provide for the needs of the world's current population without damaging the ability of future generations to provide for themselves. When a process is sustainable, it can be carried out over and over without negative environmental effects or impossibly high costs to anyone involved

Sustainability means to me that all the resources in the world are being used and if we keep using them we won't have any in the future. Everyone needs to learn the 4 R's Reduse, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink so we can have a better future

To me, sustainability means that we must be able to conserve all of the Earth's resources, assuring that there will always be more for all to live off.
We can do this by following the 4 R's, Recycle, Reuse, Rethink and Reduce


Sustainability to me, means to keep the rate in which we use our resources at a sustainable level because we don't own the world, we are borrowing it from our children

Sustainability, to me, means using rescources in a way that will let future generations live comfortably. To keep the rescources we have at a large enough number to sustain everyone and everthing

Sustainability means to me that all the resources in the world are being used and if we keep using them we wont have any in the future. Everyone needs to learn the 4 R's Reduse, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink so we can have a better future


Sustainability means the planned and rational organisation of society's resources according to human need. It means planning and investing in infrastructure and methods of utilising finite resources and developing alternative means of accommodating society's increasing needs and demands in ways that will safeguard the environment for present and future generations

To me, sustainability is important. It means saving the environment and helping out the world as much as possible. Our children should'nt have to clean up the mess we've made. If we recycle and re-use things as much as possible the world can be a cleaner and happier place


Can we sustain our way of life the way we know it and our enviroment with all the new homes etc being built in our region? We already have minimal water in our rivers and dams and can our electricity companies supply enough for everyone without power cuts? Our birds and wildlife have returned to our urban areas due to the climate changes and what impact is this going to have in the long term? A lot more forward planning needs to be nutted out so we can all live in peace and harmony together. Share the responsibility, help each other and look to the long term future not just the immediate future

Sustainability means doing things now that will sustain us environmentally, socially and economically into the future locally and globally. It is about not wasting resources and knowing that individuals can act and demand that big business and governments also act to stop wasting and polluting the world's natural resources


Sustainability is meeting socio economical human needs while preserving bio diversity and ecosystem of the environment

Inherant in planning to meet future needs,
the wise use of resources for all present deeds

Sustainability means doing my best to conserve resources, not only for future generations, but also for the intrinsic value of all plants and animals. Small scale activities are just as important as larger ones - from using public transport and recycling, to working toward a more sustainable energy policy


Living today for tomorrow

Efforts towards producing and supporting everyday needs, in order to preserve our ever changing Mother Earth

Enjoying the pleasure of growing, picking, cooking, eating our fruits and vegatables from our garden.
Sharing delicious fresh hens eggs with others, recycling precious water and using the creativity of our minds to develop simple ways around the home to reduce waste and to preserve our natural resources & energy


To-day is the right time to make a big difference to the environment by living sustainable. You can provide a future for the Children of the World living to-day
Making a difference make the best of our resources. Use wisely Water Air and Sun. You can feel good about making the right decision and right choices about the environment

Sustainability means the commitment to all future generations that our
social, political and economic ambitions and policies will always be framed
with full recognition of the fundamental goal that our descendants will be
born into a world which provides the same richness and diversity of Nature
that we currently enjoy


It means each one of us making as little impact on the environment as we can so future generations can enjoy what so many of us take for granted now. It is about companies researching more efficient ways of operating without impacting on the enviroment

Adopting lifestyle changes in all things we undertake at home, work and recreational to reduce the impact on our wonderfully diverse environment. Today's consumer driven society places enormous pressure on our natural resources. Failure to reverse this trend endangers our future quality of life as natural flora and fauna habitats disappear


Sustainability means,


Choosing the right lifestyle: It means living wisely and saving enough for tomorrow.

It means looking after our resources so they last for as long as we live, our children live

We should look at it from a Personal Environmental Impact with regard to short to long term view on how our behaviours impact the environment. Sustainability refers to the way we turn our thoughts on recycling, consumption, conservation and the treatment of our living environment into actions which provide supportive long-term solutions


Sustainability means developing ways to significantly decrease energy usage. On a personal level considering how energy can be used efficiently in the home. Globally adopt ideas and methods which are cost effective, renewable and make for sustainable energy. Catch up with methods which should have been adopted in the past

Sustainability is being able to cultivate and produce food for the family while recycling and composting scraps and returning goodness to the soil. The use of gray water on the garden and trees, the collection of rain water allows us to to remain self sufficent and help sustain the enviroment


Sustainability to me means any resourse which humans can use, but can be replaced/regrown as quickly as it is being used and thus the resource won't become scarce and the environment won't be unduly affected

Living sustainably is to look after my health, happiness and environment. Mornings: I bike along the Murray, then shower using instananeous gas water, and walk to work. Afternoons: I tend my native garden before heading indoors to my plantation firewood fire and use green energy for everything else

Sustainability is about a community working together. Environmentally, it is considering what impact we leave and forming positive habits. Socially, it is about building relationships; going that extra step to smile, help and be receptive to new ideas. It encourages everyone to realise that we're all in this together


Sustainability to me means that I take care of the clothes my big sister passes on to me so I can give them to my little sister when they don't fit me

Mars is too cold; Venus too hot
This planet Earth is all we've got.
Our water is fantastic stuff;
Life can't exist without enough!
And photosynthesis is great,
the air we breathe - plants generate!
So fix your drips, don't pollute,
plant yourself a tree.
Living for the future is Sustainability


Sustainability is being able to watch my kids and grandkids drink water from streams like I did when I was growing up. It is helping developing countries to avoid the mistakes that we've made. It is living comfortably with the environment and allowing natural change - not forced change or stasis

Supporting practices and initiatives which sustain the integrity of our environment


To support and maintain an energy wise home, recycling and solar energy. Have as many home grown fruit and vegies and plant as many native plants as possible. Our own tank water, take public transport or walk when able and enjoy life outside as much as we can

For us sustainability has to be
Protecting the earth for our family
Cut down our wastage, think before using
Then our future will be cruising
Save water, recycle, to keep healthy this earth
Instead of waste...put Earth first


Sustainability is living in a way that will let my kids and grandkids have the same (or better) opportunties that people have today. Enjoy and treasure the environment. Its resources support us. It is our responsibilty

We must renew and recycle and we must strive
To keep our home the earth alive
Clean air to breathe, sweet water to drink
Sustainability is the way we must think


Harnessing earth's resources to continue to fuel the advancement of life on earth without depleting the capacity of the Earth to sustain all life!

Shop smarter
Use renewable resources
Switch to GreenPower
Travel by bike
Always reuse and recycle
Install rainwater tank
Never leave more than a footprint
Add mulch to the garden
Behaviour is the key
Install energy-efficient appliances
Long-term thinking
International focus
Trains and buses
You can achieve sustainability!


Starting with small steps, such as refusing/reusing shopping bags, and ending with giant leaps, such as making home energy self sufficient, so that we move in tune with the natural rhythm of the Earth

"Sustainability" to me is how to uphold and support our environment.We all need to partake in things eg avoid excess packaging, turn off lights, avoid using car - walk or use public transport, buy energy and water efficient items, use a worm farm, recycle anything and everything


Being more conscious about the environment we will be able to make it a better place to live.
Our future depends on it. We should encourage it by starting in our homes

Sustainability is the proper use of resources in order for them to be used for a long period of time. That is, that they are able to regenerate and we are constantly able to use them, without abusing them and causing their depletion

By using conservation methods, enabling people not to unnecessarily waste the world's resources. It means living in a more fuel-efficient world to maintain our living standards. It means less pollution will be produced over time, and a cleaner, healthier environment. Sustaining renewable resources for the present and future generations


Sustainability is like one giant worldwide team - there's something for everybody to do and each job no matter how big, small or insignificant it might seem is important for the overall benefit of the team. It's the best gift we could ever give our children and future generations. It's the gift that keeps on giving

Reducing the depletion of natural resources, by switching to clean, renewable energy sources. Taking positive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Working to improve the environment by educating people around. Inventing new ways of living better, in harmony with nature as every aspect of our life impacts on the earth


To me sustainability means to achieve a level of balance in using of the earth's finite resources which can be sustained over a period of time. The inter-relationships of different organisms on the planet need to be catered to so that there is no net degradation of our resources

Making life choices that ensure my five year old twin boys, and one day their children, will be able to survive and experience our extraordinarily beautiful world too. Not squandering limited resources like energy and water, not consuming beyond our need- it means living simply that others may simply live

Living sustainably means, to me, doing as little harm to the environment as is possible during my moment of life so as to avoid any negative impact on the times yet to come for other living things on this breathing planet of ours. Protect, recycle, renew resources, think green !


Sustainability is about living within your means;
Not being wasteful or greedy.
Walking, biking or catching a train or bus,
Using water and energy carefully.

Using solar for water and warmth;
Rainwater for toilets and washing;
Greywater for herbs and vegies;
Food scraps for worms and composting

Finding ways to live that our Earth can live with
Now and into the future
Learning about ecosystems
Using renewable resources
Limiting energy use
Supporting environmental initiatives
Joining the response to the challenge of our time
Knowing that it takes effort to change


Ensuring I haven't brought 2 beautiful children into the world only to have it crumble under their feet

I am a 'recycleholic'..anything that is to be recycled, gets catergorised at my place, even at friend's houses I raid their bins..Why? Because I want things like paper ,trees,the climate, water,marine and land animals to be around for my grandchildren,not to read info off the internet of what I had in my time,during the last century and early times of this millennium


Sustainability means living as one -
In harmony with the earth, water and sun.

Our rainwater's trapped;
Making our water bill capped.

The sun's solar power
Makes our electricity bill lower!

A wind turbine
Brings the excess heat in line:

Batts in the walls and roof
Keep us snug and sound-proof!!!

Sustainability is the constant awareness of how everything you do impacts on our planet, so that it becomes second nature. It is not hard to think for a moment about the impacts on the environment of the actions you make, it is harder to ignore the consequences


Our very lives depend on it! It is up to US (yo'U' can help and 'S'ooner, not later )and NOW ('N'ot next week, 'O'r sometime and 'W'hat are you going to do to help) - or there will be no quality of life, no future generations!!

Sustainability to me means being able to live correctly and well, whilst protecting our and our family's future
and the planet.
It means we can and should take a life course that does give us sustainability

Sustainability means the world to me. It is the ability to live in harmony with our surroundings and to continue to do so without draining the natural system


Sustainability means not taking our environment and natural resources for granted. We have to all make efforts to ensure we still have all these resources for future generations.
I also think recycling needs to be pushed by council more in NSW. All glass, plastics and paper can be recycled but you don't see much of it being done. Every household needs to be given recycling bins in order to do this. Businesses - especially restaurants, cafe's and bars are able to recycle so much glass and plastic but it all goes into the trash and takes years to breakdown and pollutes the environment

Sustainability means supporting reusing and reclcying most things so we don't deplete our resources, so my family can play its part in making a difference in keeping the world healthier

Ensuring that my actions today will provide for my kids, their kids and everyones kids worry free abundant futures


First and foremost to leave this earth, our world, just the way it was when I was first born.
That is, to leave my footprint upon the world the smallest possible when I die.
To utilize nature's way of doing things rather than the alternative

The Earth is a beautiful planet. It's also the only one we've got. Sustainability is simply about giving back what you take out. It's that easy. But how many of us understand the effect we have? On the oceans, the mountains, the forests, the plains? It's time to become responsible



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