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New Projects

Integrated Sustainability Education Projects Brochure
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As part of the Our Environment it's a living thing program, a partnership initiative with non-government environmental organisations is underway.

Nine projects have received funding from the NSW Government's Environmental Trust to assist communities across NSW to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

Find out how you can get involved and what can be achieved in environmental education through partnerships.

Greenhome: Action for a better world 


The Australian Conservation Foundation's (ACF) GreenHome Project comprises a series of local programs to promote sustainable living in NSW households and motivate behavioural change.

Supported by an actions-based guidebook, workshops and a website – participants are encouraged to take action to reduce their environmental impact, addressing areas such as water and energy, gardens and food, waste and recycling, purchasing, household chemicals and transport.  Take the Challenge — Sign-up to take action.

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Sustainable Australia 


The Australian Conservation Foundation's (ACF) Sustainable Australia project is designed to promote discussion about sustainability.  It includes both research and communication elements – including the development of publications to promote discussion about sustainability; a comprehensive study to provide data on key environmental impacts in Australia, and a sustainability atlas which will graphically map the demographics of consumption in Australia.

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Safer Solutions: Keeping your home healthy and green 


Total Environment Centre's (TEC) Safer Solutions project is a comprehensive environmental education program with three components – representing the different audiences and types of chemicals likely to be used around the home, in DIY renovations and in the garden.

The program includes community-based workshops and how-to information on household hazardous chemicals and the safer alternatives.

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Sustainable Staff Training 


Total Environment Centre's (TEC) Sustainable Staff Training project comprises a corporate staff training program designed to engage, empower and educate staff of large Australian companies to promote sustainability throughout the organization.

The key skills and training goals are the increased identification of sustainability issues, development of a decision-support system that promotes sustainability, and encourage innovation and continuous improvement across the organization.

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Education Action Supporting Environment Groups (EASE) 


The Nature Conservation Council of NSW's (NCC) EASE program supports non-government environment groups throughout NSW through the enhancement and co-ordination of education activities. The program will provide opportunities for 120 member groups to share experiences and knowledge, build and transfer skills and participate in education activities.

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Biodiversity Education 


The Nature Conservation Council of NSW's (NCC) Biodiversity Education program provides individuals and groups in the Macarthur region of south western Sydney with opportunities to gain more information about their natural environment – in so doing, enable them to become more active in the decision-making processes that affect biodiversity in their area.

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Affordable water and energy efficiency 


The NSW Council of Social Services (NCOSS) and the Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability (DEUS) are developing a Affordable water and energy efficiency program to improve energy and water efficiency for low income households, as well as providers of support and crisis accommodation.

The program includes benchmarking the efficiency of low income households, the development of education programs and a framework enable onsite improvements, and strategies to reduce costs.

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Sustaining Eco-friendly Communities 


The Sustaining Eco-friendly Communities project continues, with the Local Community Services Association (LCSA) and the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW remaining as key partners.

The program will will continue to build on the earlier work – to increase the capacity of neighbourhood and community centre staff and volunteers to facilitate learning and take action to live and work sustainably.  Regional workshops and the promotion of Eco-friendly Communities kit is a key element of this program.

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Professional Development for Environmental Educators 


The Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW continues the Professional Development for Educators education programme. Through a combination of workshops and mentoring, this project will increase the capacity of NSW educators to develop and deliver community education programs in the context of sustainable living.

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NSW Environmental Trust
These projects have been assisted by the NSW
Government through its Environmental Trust


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