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Promoting Environmental Sustainability in Children's Services is a training program designed to help childcare centre owners and operators adopt environmentally sustainable practices in running their facilities.

Project activities 

Around 120 people have taken training courses developed by the Lady Gowrie Child Centre.

These training courses include:

  • responsible recycling
  • efficient use of natural resources
  • environmentally-friendly cleaning and pest management
  • outdoor environments
  • environmental management planning and evaluation techniques

Workshop participants are encouraged to explore their environmental impact and values, review their existing practices and take steps towards improvement, while involving the children in the process

Outcomes and successes 

One outcome of the Early Childhood Centres program is the formation of the NSW Early Childhood Environmental Education Network.

Although independent of the program and the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW (DECC), this initiative came from members of DEC's early childhood advisory group.

The Network comprises approximately 200 members and promotes sustainability within the early childhood sector through a range of activities including:

  • discussions on environment issues
  • sharing environment resources and case studies
  • running a members email network
  • policy and advocacy work
  • exploring opportunities to link with similar networks in Victoria and Queensland

The NSW Early Childhood Environmental Education Network is continuing its initiatives with the assistance of the NSW Environmental Trust.

Resource materials 

Image of Workshop Facilitators Folder

As part of this project, a resource kit for workshop facilitators was created – Promoting Environmental Sustainability in Children's Services: A resource for workshop facilitators.

Training/workshops are also available and may be booked through the Lady Gowrie Child Centre.

How to get involved and find out more 

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